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propagating mulberries

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    sue esue e

    My daughter and her partner are moving into their own home in about 6 months and they have asked us to take some cuttings from our mulberry tree so they can put one in their yard when they finally move in. Everything I have read says that its nearly impossible to strike from cuttings 🙁 Has anyone has success with this? It is a black mulberry and a prolific bearer so it would be good if we could propagate it.I feel sure that it came from a cutting that my dad took from a tree down Yamba way but I may be mistaken. :shrug:


    Hi Sue,

    I’m not sure about cuttings I’m sure it could be done but haven’t done it myself. You will have to wait for a wiser person than me 🙂

    I just wanted to say that my 3 year old black mulberry has so far got two new mulberry trees growing within 3 feet of it, only small ones. Not sure if this is normal but I’ve dug one up and put it in a pot. Seems to be surviving.

    If you cannot strike a cutting I could dig the other one up and send it to you. they seem pretty tough plants so hopefully it would survive the post.



    Hahaha….just goes to show you cant believe everything you read, mulberries would have to be the easiest thing to strike from cuttings I have ever seen, and Ive grown plenty of stuff to sell.

    Even the time of year doesnt make any difference, I found a new variety last year when in full leaf and I started a few plants and off they went.

    I pruned a big tree a couple of years ago and left the prunings where they laid…..every single one sprouted roots


    lol bushy u have an extra green thumb ( maybe your whole hand?) :laugh: i have not had that much success with cuttings but seedlings are prolific, but possibly not as true to type. i have heard if u layer the cuttings before cutting them from the tree so they start to grow roots is quite successful , or just use heaps of rooting hormone to help. good luck and may the mulberry be with you . lolz


    I wish rcd….I still struggle getting Grevillias to do their thing and poincetias are a bit hit miss with my striking techniques


    testing will this reply go thru

    YAY :clap: I can finally reply.

    I do the same as bushy,last year DH got me some mulberry cuttings and I planted them out I had some die but others made it.

    I have recently trimmed them down they were super tall.

    I kept the cuttings and planted them also.

    The original cuttings have since been transferred to the orchard and have grown new leaves and what looks like tiny fruit.

    Give it a go if the tree is big enough it wont mind a few cuttings taken.


    The original cuttings grown up and now in the orchard transplanted in aug ’11

    sue esue e

    So at this time of year soft wood or hard wood? I had an idea they would thorw roots in water. Has anybody had experience with this? thanmks all for your responses. 🙂


    A friend in QLD just sent me some cuttings. I have put them all in pots, some in morning sun, some in full sun and some in the shade. None are looking too healthy, but it’s only been a week, so I won’t give up yet!!


    You are complicating things sue…… just take some cuttings 300mm or so, get some old wood but can have new tips, poke em in the ground or a pot if you wish, of course in a shady spot so they dont dry out before taking root.

    Now is a good time to do it.


    do u think this would also work on fig trees?


    I start all my fig trees from suckers…..never tried cuttings


    I have been wanting to try some mulberry cuttings but had resigned myself to waiting until next winter. Perhaps I will give it a go now anyway. Can’t hurt anything!

    I have read that figs are incredibly easy to grow from cuttings, but that you should do it in winter when the tree is completely dormant. I might try it this spring though just for kicks. I was also going to take some of the lower branches on my fig tree where they almost touch the ground, and cover them with soil/mulch to see if they root. One branch has already done this naturally and has figs on it already, at about 5 feet tall.

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