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Press release about interesting new programme, Channel 7, WA.

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    My daughter in Perth mentioned this on Facebook.Thought it might interest folk over there.

    “Here’s the press release that went out to media this week on the new Greenfingers series. please watch it and support our local gardening and television industry.

    Press release


    The Sustainability Classroom

    W.A’s very own gardening show ‘Greenfingers’ returns bigger and better than ever this Sunday the 8th of April 2012 on Channel 7 at 5.30pm

    Can you imagine a classroom built outdoors in a garden that provides students with theoretical and practical education on all matters related to natural sciences and sustainability? Trevor Cochrane aka The Garden Gurus wanted to help students who struggled conceptualizing theoretical learning and allow those kids who don’t get the opportunity to study practical natural sciences outdoors the opportunity to learn in a new concept classroom, The Sustainability Classroom.

    This new series of Greenfingers on TVW 7 features Trevor’s Sustainability Classroom design constructed by a team of new faces including Tod Johnston (host), Renae Wauhop (ex The Amazing Race 7), Darren Seinor (landscape guru Greenfingers) and Steve Wood (popular Horticulturist and ABC regional talkback gardening expert) and a host of supporters including children from the first school to receive a sustainability classroom, Carey Baptist College in Harrisdale.

    The team come together to build an outdoor classroom like no other which features an urban orchard with 32 different fruit trees, a chicken Taj Mahal, an aquaponics system complete with fish and Marron as well as a host of edible water plants, a vegetable garden, a spice garden, herb garden, berry garden and the most amazing outdoor kitchen where students prepare to eat their harvest and learn about healthy eating.

    This is a complete cycle system that uses worm farms and composting to sustain the hundreds of different edible plants and converts wasted organics into fertilizer and healthy soils. The kitchen is supplied with fresh rainwater from a rainwater tank.

    Can you imagine an environment that produces 3650 eggs a year, 60 kilograms of fresh fish, 10 kilograms of Marron, 1600 kilograms of fresh fruit and an endless supply of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices that are all eaten fresh or cooked in the classroom? This is a classroom unlike any other and its all outdoors.

    Executive producer Trevor Cochrane said; “this is a very ambitious project and the outcome which is revealed in its totality in episode 2 is amazing. Throughout the series we will build 4 of these incredible classrooms for 4 lucky waterwise schools across the metropolitan area. Every aspect of the gardens we build can be copied into viewers back yards as well and there are some inspiring ideas here that all West Australians will love”.

    GREENFINGERS: The Sustainability Classroom series is telecast from the 8th of April 2012 at 5.30pm on Channel 7 Perth.”


    Thanks Bluewren

    Thats just around the corner from me, I hope to go have a swquiz, I am sure I can look like I am picking up a kid from school some time.



    I think they would love to have you visit , even without “picking up a kid”!! I’d love to see it too.Perhaps my Perth DD could record it somehow,but with a baby due this weekend I don’t like to ask!! :laugh: Maybe anyone can find WA Channel 7 online?


    What a fantastic idea. Bit far for me to go see though 😆 Like to hear more about it.


    WOW, Ive just googled “The Sustainability Classroom”

    So many interesting sites to read…….. :woohoo:


    thanks for the info Blue wren – sounds amazing! Tho i’m in perth i hadn’t heard of this (probably as we don’t have a tv!) will have to get someone to record it….


    Hi BW thanks for the heads up,I’m in Perth ATM but havent been on the ‘puter for a few days so I’ve missed the first one.

    MIght see if the DS can record it for me and send it over to NSW .

    I love gardening shows that get in there and do stuff and show you how it’s done.


    ABC’s “Gardening Australia” is a lot different with Costa!! I’d love to be within visiting distance of his street “On the Verge” ……..but I do wonder how the neighbours will deal with all the sticky beaking!!

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