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Preserving broad beans

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    Ok, ok, so I have now got a huge glut of broadies (I picked a whole basketfull tonight and there are still more out there :jawdrop: )…….do I blanch then freeze them or can they be dried????

    Any ideas???? There are just too many to eat now 😆 and I need to pull the first lot out this weekend to make room for the summer vegies.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    They freeze really well. I haven’t dried them, but I believe you can.

    Or you can send them to me…. :tongue:

    I’ve just planted seedlings. My original lot got a fungus as it was so wet over winter, so we ripped them out.


    I have a book called ‘Growing for Freezing’. For broad beans is says: Shell the beans, blanch for 2 minutes, open freeze ie lay out in single layer on a tray, then pack into bags/containers when frozen. Cook direct from freezer in boiling water. Freezer Life: 12 months.


    Leave them on the vine to dry is the best drying method. This will depend on the weather. If you want a lot in storage keep picking and freeze or dry by some other method than mother nature


    I am going to try drying broad beans this year, but don’t think they will be able to stay on the plant.. might have to look at dehydrating them??

    Trouble is, I could just keep eating them all fresh, and not stop!!


    I think I’ll have a go at freezing them first, thanks for the info marz :tup:

    😆 @ Lady B, they’re not going anywhere! My first crop has a fungus now too but the second lot are now in flower so I’ll see how they go after this rain today and possibly pull the first lot out over the weekend after getting the rest off. This is where the big crop has come from but I don’t think I’m going to get much more out of it 🙁 .

    I could put some in the dehydrator but since I’ve only used them fresh does anyone have any recipes for dried broadies, would you use them in a casserole or something similar???


    My dad dried a heap off for re planting the following season but he had too many so he gave them to me to feed the goats :S . He used to have a small herd of about 50 dairy goats when he was a teenager back in the “old country”. I was a bit sceptical but my goats loved them :woohoo: . I’ve got a heap of broadies too, so what we cant freeze will be dried off for the goats.


    timely thread, we have quite a bit ready for picking and not sure what we’re going to do with it all!


    I did some dehydrating of huge batch of broad beans, now just need to cook & rehydrate them, to make sure I am going to like them cooked that way!

    I also froze some, and they look wonderful… we just don’t have alot of room in our freezer!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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