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Pot Luck Dinner in Ballarat ?

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    Tomorrw night is the night!!

    STILL having coniptions over what to make/bring/buy/plagerise as my own meal I baked ( remember to hid e the pizza boxes)

    Gawd Humbug.. I al wondering HOW many are meant to be at this dinner so I can make enough stuff to share.

    Any ideas on numbers?


    there are about 40 on the course 🙂 plus extras…

    You don’t have to provide for everyone..

    I’m doing a “Dan’s Mexican Lasagna” (very different than traditional) guaranteed to add centimeterson your belly 🙂


    DAN…… I dont NEED centimetres to my belly. As it is I carry enough spare tyres to rival the Michilen Man. 😆

    See ya tonight!


    So how was it?? And where are the photo’s????


    Hey ! Yes ! Where are the reports? Where’s the goss ?



    Hey there all….

    No pics..I dont “do” pics.

    The rest of the crew were at their course today so will report back tomorrow I am sure.

    Food was FANTASTIC!! Company was even better.

    Had a little jam session afterwards outside with some great musicians.

    Dans Lasagne is to die for.

    Next month they are off to Dayelsford. More of you should come along and make a night of it. We are going to go again. Lovely bunch of folks all so different and marvelous.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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