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    I have always expressed concern about relying on Superannuation to finance our futures. As a non-economist, I wondered what would happen to super funds if their touted safeness was an illusion. I have a tiny amount of super due to 1)bringing up kids 2)working in jobs with no super 3)having to do paid work on & off due to disability.


    Sorry, the system seized up & I couldn’t type in anything else. :confused: To continue. before I heard about Peak Oil, global financial chaos was my envisioned “catastrophic event”. My main worry was that it seemed imperative to try & own your land outright, to prevent it being seized back by your mortgage lender. Given current financial events, do others see that as a priority?


    :shy:sorry about spello – that should be Capitalism

    Obviously, the whole point of having your own land is for growing your own food without a job.


    Epsilon, We put EVERY spare cent into our mortgage. Only in the last few have I become aware of Peak Oil and even tho I have a 7yo son and a 3 yo son, I chose to go back to work full-time to get our smallish mortgage paid off. We are fortunate not to pay for child care. I should have the mortgage paid in 18 months, and then I will be ‘happy’ to lose my job. I work in the car industry so things aren’t looking any brighter. But there is the need to still afford council rates etc, which unfortunately I don’t think the Mayor will accept a couple of dozen eggs:lol: . I honestly don;t think Super will be around when I reach retirement age…I am in my mid 30’s and I think “retirement’ will be a lot different in another 30 years. – the world will have changed so much in many ways. I do have one Investment Prop tho , which if it comes to the crunch the banks can take it off me (they own most of it anyway 😆 )


    Hi Epsilon

    I agree owning your land out right is the top priority. We decided that quite a few years ago and now we are very glad we made it happen. the result is we have a tiny house – not all all fashionable or decorated in any trendy manner. We live in an area that is also unfashionable and has little or no services but it is far enough away rom the city to e relatively safe from hungry hoards when the crunch comes.

    The 3 basic needs are food – water and shelter. I believe such self suffciency is not possible on a city block but that is just my opinion.

    I am not that worried about shire rates – with a big economic crash there will be so many houses on the market due to mortgage defaults that I doubt shires would find it worthwhile throwing people out because they couldnt pay shire rates.

    As I have said on other threads I also believe that unless you are old enough to access you superannuation soon forget it. This current financial crisis is just the beginning there is a lot worse to come and the whole pack or cards that is our greedy capitalist system is coming down !

    PO and measures to combat climate change no to mention the inevitable natural disasters are all inthe future and we are having financial troubles already so it is naive to think things can ever return to Busines as usual (BAU ) permanently.

    the media and govt are talking things up because the whole system relies on confidence IE suckers who believe the BS. The US govt is talking bailouts to prop up the system – bandaid measures until the govt goes broke – then it will really start ……….



    I told mum to get her money out of Merril Lynch about 12 months ago. Hay but i am just the DD and know nothing. Now they are being bailed out.

    As for super ,never worried about it and still don’t care for it. DH wants to put more into it??????


    Yup, watching the current Bush sound-bites gives me the creeps – his body language, particularly his face and especially his eyes, has always given away his true nature:rip:

    Ggang – as an unmitigated cynic on things US led or connected I feel a slight case of Democratic :lol:Socialism coming on


    :lol:Lee – I’m not sure about putting more into super – I earn $552/ft and since changing banks have a special savings account ie apart from my everday account. The bank happily allowed me to open this with zero $. It is still $0:lol: The thing is, I was thinking that everytime I wanted to buy some brandy,I’d put the amount in this account to accumulate:lol: But – current censored news from America has me deciding to literally bury it in the garden, meanwhile changing it to gold if Ican find a contact:rol:


    :shy:oops, my previous comments re US ARE NOT intended to slur any individual from the US – comments are my opinion only


    epsilon, your thoughts on land reminded me of the scene in the classic movie Gone With the Wind when Gerald O’Hara says to daughter Scarlett: “Do you mean to tell me, Scarlett O’Hara, that land doesn’t mean anything to you? Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.”


    Yes Warwick to me that classic statement says it all.


    Yep, land is one thing they’re not making more of. In fact, with sea levels rising, there’s going to be less of it. Get yours while you can!



    But not too close to shore;) :lol::lol:


    marigold, my 5yo GS & I had a conversation about this the other day. He was asking lots of questions about what happens if the ice melts, the seas rise, and the land gets flooded. He’s only 5: :hug:( Luckily I can always give him reasurance that is not in my opinion false, and he quickly grasps the solutions to these problems too. I feel humbled to have a role in his self-education, I never forget it is their legacy I am leaving behind me.

    It is so important that our kids/grankids do not develop a sense of despair.

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