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Portable Solar Power

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    Unfortunately as it only has a 1,000mAh internal battery, I’d assume it’s use is very limited. It may charge a phone but I imagine not much else.

    I see they are looking at selling them here for around $28 each. If they don’t work as well as they are being promoted, all it will do is turn people off these ideas. They need to be honest with the device’s capabilities. Sorry for being a downer… 🙂


    No need for your apology Steve, we all have opinions.

    I’m sure this isn’t the only portable creation… Who knows where this will lead 🙂


    This particular gizmo may not produce much power but Humbug is right… who knows where this will lead….

    There is a lot of work going on now into flexible solar collectors that can be applied to surfaces like paint. There are also development is using transparent panels instead of glass in windows.

    Solar paints are already developed to the point where they work but the efficiency is still too low to make them useful. The idea is that you paint the walls and roof and use them to collect power. Add solar collector windows…

    Imagine a time when the whole surface of your house becomes a huge solar panel.



    Lady Bee

    I’ve got a solar powered carousel. It’s built of ply (I think) and the carousel turns when the sun shines on the little panel and for quite a while afterward too.

    I fancy these stick on gizmos as nightlights, phone chargers, cup warmers, hand warmers. Imagine if they could have a little inbuilt warming thingy,it would need an on/off switch, but you could slip them in your pockets or gloves for those cold frosty mornings. Stick them on your office window (if you’re lucky enough to have one) for re-charging during the day so they’re ready for the following day again.


    I have seen solar creations that run the likes of pumps for ponds & the small garden lights etc.. but wasn’t aware of these ones in this thread until recently.

    It’s all good hey mummyjas :tup:


    20 years ago I owned a small solar operated fan that fitted on the top of the side window of my car. The idea was that the fan sucked the hot air from the inside of the car. It worked too. :clap: I still have it but it is lost in the garage.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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