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ponies what to do

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    i have a dilemma,our neighbour/landlord has lots of minature ponies,which she does nothing with except breed and more breeding,she has so many,there is one in particular,he is old and has a busted hip,he seems to be in pain,but she does nothing

    we purchased a pony from her and also we look after a mare and foal as well as one we call cyclops due to one eye only,when these came to us,all were in poor condition,i was worried we would lose the foal,but now they are in top condition,we have wormed them at our cost give these heaps of love and care

    i am distressed to see these other ponies which need care just be left in the paddocks

    until they need to be rounded up to be sold,she has been in trouble before with rspca over this matter


    let them know she hasn’t changed


    Yes, I agree with calliecat. Your only other option is to have a talk to her first but if this is an ongoing problem, maybe it is best for the RSPCA to handle it. They can ascertain if the ponies are poor,wormy etc and to what degree and if it is a welfare issue.

    I appreciate it is a difficult decision for you though.


    This sucks. I am guessing that the reason you haven’t called the RSPCA is because she is your landlord and you don’t want you or your family to suffer.

    If that is the case, you are helpless. Perhaps you could have someone else call or see if it can be done anonymously? Option 2 is to make the call and hope she won’t retaliate but it sounds like you have your reasons against doing that else you would have done so already.

    People can be so heartless. :angry:

    Edit: I think Mauzi is right. The RSPCA are the experts in this. Maybe it is best to leave it to them?


    she’s already on their books, surely it can be done anonymously


    I don’t think you will be “at peace” unless this is dealt with.It’s a daily stress for you as well as the ponies. :hug:


    thank you all.i am going to council tomorrow and see if they can pass on to rspca for me,as the officer there knows all about it

    hopefully she wont know it was me


    I think you already know what to do. You can’t let those animals suffer:

    RSPCA Queensland

    Mailing Address

    Locked Bag 3000

    Sumner Park BC Qld 4076

    Street Address

    139 Wacol Station Road

    Wacol Qld 4076


    07 3426 9999


    07 3258 5610




    You can contact the RSPCA anonymously. you could also get on to your local ranger. Or as you mentioned ring the council. Good Luck. I hope the ponies get cared for better =]

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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