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    Don’t know about that – all my female family members and female shop customers let it be known they hate her too! The trouble is, most of it isn’t based on rational examination of Labour policies but how she talks, walks, dresses and the fact her ‘boyfriend’ gets to travel with her.


    Yes.. ‘how she talks, walks & dresses’ …. & the colour of her hair (lets just forget the fact that she is a woman… ) .. should hardly be the merits to base votes on.

    It’s a worry …


    She annoys me with how she nods her head for emphasis when she is talking- reminds me of a chook.

    I watched the interview a few years ago where Abbot said that anything he says is a lie- unless it is scripted. At the time I was dumbfounded that he admitted that on national tv. Concreted my decision to never vote for that turkey.

    Then again- I didnt vote for Mr Newman either. Sigh- not that it mattered.

    Now if I was Prime Minister….nah I would never make the cut- too honest. My first move would be to tax mining and rich people heavily and to raise the pension and disability payments. That would make me unpopular and I would end up voted out anyway.


    This is an interesting read at

    Fifteen fabulous success stories Australians must never be told

    Alan Austin lifts the lid on 15 Australian success stories Australia’s Soviet-style media will never allow to be told — and the three they will.

    AUSTRALIA IS NOT just a success story — it is an anthology of success stories. Ascendancy in so many areas — all at the same time.

    Europeans wish they had these narratives. They would dance in the streets. (Actually, Europeans still dance in the streets, despite everything.) As for Americans and Canadians, they would lap up every word.

    But here’s the thing. In Australia these stories are seldom, if ever, told. Not a hint from a Hartcher, not a mention from a Mitchell, not a suggestion from a Sales and not a clue from a Crabb.

    Historians will ponder and explore these 15 accomplishments with wonder and delight.

    1. The Government of Michael Joseph Savage in New Zealand (1935-40) was recently eclipsed by the Government of Julia Eileen Gillard in Australia for the lowest rate of ministerial sackings due to incompetence or corruption in the Westminster world. Since 1820 anyway. What led to this? Minority government? What else do Michael Joseph and Julia Eileen have in common?

    2. Why is Australia now being urged to lead the free world? Australia has been voted to chair the Pacific Islands Forum. Plus next year’s G20 group of the world’s 20 major economies. That’s on top of a seat on the UN Security Council. Everyone wants to sit next to Australia.

    3. Why was Prime Minister Gillard given that standing ovation after addressing the US Congress? Traditionally, that honour is reserved for deputy sheriffs who follow Uncle Sam into battle. How has this government managed to strengthen the alliance without supporting a single invasion? What singular advantage has Australia thereby gained?

    4. What precisely transformed relations with Indonesia? Australia is no longer the target for embassy killings, nightclub bombings, presidential invective and diplomatic insults. Who was the man who accomplished this? Or was it a woman?

    5. How has Australia dealt with the wanton cruelty inflicted upon live sheep and cattle exported to Asia and the Middle East? With what outcomes? And why are bulls being tortured in television reports always named Billy or Bobby and not Brutus or Bozo?

    6. Australia now ranks higher than ever before on the economic freedom index published by Washington’s Heritage Foundation. [Mission: “to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”] Australia’s score is now the highest in the 34-nation OECD. A Labor government? Holy handguns! How did this happen?

    7. Australia is one of four countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to have unemployment below 5.5% and job participation above 75%. Which are the others? What else distinguishes them?

    8. Australia is one of only three nations in the OECD and G20 economies with interest rates in the optimum range between 1.75% and 4.75%. Only Australia has maintained this through the global financial crisis. How? What can Australia do now that was never possible before?

    9. Australia is the only developed country to have had continuous economic growth for 22 years. Australia and Poland alone among OECD nations avoided recession in 2009. Why just these two? Which other nation is the most envious, and why?

    10. Labor productivity is a tricky concept to define and even trickier to get right. It measures the costs of labour and other inputs used to produce things. Low productivity has bedevilled the world for decades, including Australia’s. Until 2011, that is. Suddenly it surged in Australia, rising dramatically for a record seven consecutive quarters. Seven. Wow! What generated this amazing surge? And what will trigger a sudden reversal?

    11. Australia has zoomed to the top of the table of well-managed economies. That’s based on all the key variables. Not just in the world now, but anywhere, any time. How? Was it abundant minerals, critical decisions by Treasury, or the sound work of Peter Costello?

    12. Speaking of whom, why does Australia always rise up through the ranks during Labor regimes and tumble down during Coalition periods? From 19th in 1983 up to 6th during the Hawke/Keating years, then down to 12th in 2007 under Howard and Costello, then to the very pinnacle in 2010. Who benefits from this cycle?

    13. Best economy in the world is creditable enough. Best the world has ever seen is more impressive still. But achieved during the worst global economic crisis since the 1930s? How is this conceivable?

    14. Remember when national strikes routinely disrupted train and air travel? Petrol rationing, supermarkets running out of milk and garbage piled in the streets? City intersections clogged most Fridays with demonstrations against the war or the US alliance or the government?

    Ah, sweet memories. What brought about this cultural change in Australia – almost alone in the Western world – to have such disruption and discord diminish?

    15. Finally, what’s with Canberra’s extraordinary dishonesty differential? A journalist was recently assigned the task of counting all the blatant lies – as distinct from unfulfilled promises – by Australia’s four federal party leaders. He found twelve. That’s a lot for just four leaders. He also found they were all by the one leader. Which one? Why was the research not published?

    There. Fifteen stories. Would you like to read one of them? Well, you can’t. Sorry. It has been decided by those who know what you want better than you do that you want three topics only:

    (1) How appalling the Government is;

    (2) how disastrously it is doing in the opinion polls; and

    (3) how the only hope for the future is a leadership challenge.

    If the latter eventuates, well, that proves how appalling the Government is, as will be demonstrated in this week’s opinion poll, which will apply further pressure for another leadership challenge. If this doesn’t happen, well that just shows how appalling the Government is, which next week’s opinion poll will highlight …

    Ah, you crazy Australians!

    Follow this url for more: links, photos, graphs etc and reader comments.


    I wonder what Tony Abbott’s position is on wind farms?

    Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

    Jeanette Newman, the wife of Tony Abbott’s business tsar, is involved in organising a rally against wind farms in NSW.

    A leaked email has revealed the deep involvement of the wife of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s business tsar, Maurice Newman, and a blue-chip corporate consulting firm in a “Convoy of No Confidence”-aping anti-wind farm rally set down for Parliament House on Tuesday.

    Read more here…


    Abbott’s adviser hates wind farms, doubts climate change

    Maurice Newman (Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Board 2007–2012) quotes:

    On wind farms

    “Even before they threatened my property, I was opposed to wind farms. They fail on all counts. They are grossly inefficient, extremely expensive, socially inequitable, a danger to human health, environmentally harmful, divisive for communities, a blot on the landscape, and don’t even achieve the purpose for which they were designed, namely the reliable generation of electricity and the reduction of CO2 emissions.”

    On global warming

    “When Mother Nature decided in 1980 to change gears from cooler to warmer, a new global warming religion was born, replete with its own church (the UN), a papacy, (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and a global warming priesthood masquerading as climate scientists.”


    More sad times ahead

    Murdoch is the king maker of Australian politics has been since Gough

    He always seems to pick the winners early and back them in his media and the sheeple follow. (you only need a few % to be swayed to change a government.)

    Thats modern democracy and its pretty sad.

    I imagine he has a fear of fast internet and ABC 24 hour news diluting his media interests and influence.


    GirlFriday post=356799 wrote:

    I watched the interview a few years ago where Abbot said that anything he says is a lie- unless it is scripted. At the time I was dumbfounded that he admitted that on national tv. Concreted my decision to never vote for that turkey.

    Yes yes yes!

    I wonder why, every time he opens his mouth – they don’t replay that just afterwards.

    Mind you .. most pollies (at least the high-level ones) are of the same cut I reckon


    An amusing and accurate account of Tony Abbott’s failures in this report at report below.

    As Tony Windsor said and was told, by Tony Abbott, “Tony Abbott would do anything but sell his arse” to be prime minister (see youtube at report below). If Tony Abbott got the nod from the independents to be PM, he would have had to put a price on carbon and introduce a carbon pricing scheme, just as the government has had to. So who is Tony Abbott kidding regarding the carbon tax? It seems a lot of the Australian population are being fooled!

    Tony Abbott’s catalogue of failures

    Tony Abbott has failed at every significant thing he has set himself to do over the past four years, says Letitia McQuade — is that the sort of person we want to be our PM?

    Read on here…


    Remember this Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne stunt? What an embarrassment!


    Unfortunately, we, the general public ie the voting public, seem to have very short memories or take so little notice of the tripe (and lies) that comes out of many politicians mouths, that the pollies can get away with saying almost anything.

    As far as I can see most of the issues the pollies complain about in others are carbon copies (hehehe) of their own faults.



    BTW, they’re bipartisan carbon copies! :whistle:


    While I do agree that Climate Change isn’t what they are spouting and isn’t direct result of humans and their impact on the environment… I do believe the human race is negatively impacting the world environment and some major changes need to happen there, so that we don’t leave a rotting acidic cesspool to our coming generations.

    Not one of our Political parties can be trusted to do anything for the good of our country or its people. They seem to be running the Government for their own agendas and possibly a single world agenda.

    All we can do is reform how our political system works and what punishments are doled out to politicians who violate this system and the trust of the Australian people.

    But for any change to happen on the political scene here in Australia, there needs to be a mass cooperative effort made by Australians.

    Since we are the country known for our apathetic population (“She’ll be right mate”), I can’t see that happening any time soon.

    Also, this will probably gripe a few members here, but Religion has no home in ANY Political state.

    As our past shows us that any group action or decision involving Religion as the motivator only results in disaster (*cough* Crusades *cough*).


    For good real change to happen you need a political system that doesn’t require policies designed to pander to a small percentage of votes from a minority in Western Sydney.

    This requires a better education system and better media.

    The people who have the money and power dont want change they are doing well under the current rules.


    If no one has worked it out yet, people with money do very well no matter who has the reins.

    I have some interests in ‘western’ Sydney, & talk to plenty of people. Small business want labor out, truckies want labor out & even the turkeys want labor out.

    Most people have worked out that labor under gillard & swan has sold them out & not many sitting federal labor pollies in this area will keep their seats.

    People don’t care what the coalition has to offer they just want to get rid of federal labor.

    Their big disappointment is the state government under o’farrell who with harcher have done a 180 on coal seam gas mining which is openslaver. Mining is happening near rivers & dams, over aquifers as well as next to homes.


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