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    Xio post=356615 wrote: I’ll go for a Jesuit educated Rhodes Scholar rather than a left leaning athiest any day 😉


    I dont like gillard, my tv hasnt been turned on for months and wont be turned on till I no longer see her face on my tv ever ever again.

    I also believe that labor have run out of ideas and its time for another government, however they will need more than one term to make a difference


    So far the alternative is

    Slower internet

    No $500 for low income earners super but plenty of tax payers money for rich people to top up their super.

    $75,000 only to the richest women who have babies

    No Carbon tax but tax payers to fund tree planting by polluters to the tune of $1300 a year average.

    Removing the $150,000 cut off on government handouts

    All the rest is secret

    Without a doubt it will eventually include making sacking people cheaper and easier as well as paying them less a lot easier.


    I don’t normally talk Politics but I remember the trouble over GST.

    have you added up your power bill. With all the bits mine is over $100 added on top of my power bills.

    When Frazer was in, he got everyone to vote, to have prices increase and keep our wages low.

    He couldn’t understand, why people said NO.


    It doesn’t matter who you vote for they do what they want even if it hurts people.

    they only thing they agree on is their pay rises. :angry:

    If pensioners got their pay rises we would be above the proverty line


    and now that they spent the money long before they reaped it in (reap no won’t happen world floor price has fallen making aus’ look more stupid).

    so robyne much, much more pain to come.

    why should the poor pay for the wealthy to get off scott free? they caused the problems all on their own make them fix them, yep ok have unemployed help but the moguls and corrupt pollies should make up the difference between welfare and living wage. oh! out of their own pockets, big pipe dream hey? never happen while we are so divided, by the have’s, the think they have’s and the don’t have’s, they have us right where they want us, ripe for the picking and using their paid for research to be used to support their cruel claims.

    if London & bangladesh etc.,. is the pre-cursor then we have some big issues coming our way hey, divided we fall.



    So we’ll have slower internet,, I can live with that.

    No one knows the costing for the NBN but I’m pretty sure we’d be better off with more hospitals & a decent defence budget.



    In what way does a decent defence budget make the world a better place? Except for American defence contractors of course.

    I once saw a t shirt that I wish I owned –

    Imagine if the schools had all the money they neded but the army had to hold a cake stall to buy a bomb




    NBN – a non-event here where we are. Could we just have decent mobile phone coverage?

    We don’t watch the news, listen to their verbal garbage or read the latest nonsense in the papers. The two major parties have no vision, wisdom or leadership. It is just bad or less bad.

    Defence budget is not even in my realm of concern….


    Its so sad that defence budget is anyone’s realm of thinking let alone it rates higher than the infrastructure of a modern communication system.

    That will be able to replace lots of hospital infrastructure in the future especially for people living in isolated rural areas as well as its effect on education.

    Short sighted sad politics.

    and in typical conservative party policy the money saved on not spending any money on infrastructure, will be handed back to the rich as tax cuts and eaten up by higher inflation and interest rates just like last time.


    Hey I work in a rural hospital and the services that have been drained out of it by budget cuts are incredible. They even got rid of the coffee machine that the community bought the hospital through fundraising. We have lost frontline staff despite what Newman said. Unforgivable in my books.

    I would vote for an atheist any day over a Jesuit trained misogynist 😉 (personally I dont want to vote for either as I think they are both hopeless)


    bet that coffee machine landed in someones kitchen


    If the so called leaders send our troops overseas, why should troops have to spend significant money buying equipment that they should be supplied with? That’s why I think a defence budget should be kicked up & not drop kicked down.


    Lady Bee

    Bring them all home. That’ll solve the problem 😉


    Stop going to fight stupid wars and creating misery in other peoples countries would be a cheaper option


    It is very unusual for a govt to be voted out during a war and i suspect that is a big part of why Howard sent our troops to fight with the Americans. And, just like middle class welfare, it’s hard to reverse once it’s in.

    I despair for the state of the ALP, but I’d prefer the NLP not have a shot. Abbott is a nasty little man with a poor opinion of women and anyone who isn’t crazy wealthy. If you’re not a rich bloke, he isn’t going to be thinking of you when he comes up with opinions. Nor is his treasurer.

    I struggle with the Greens because they want Utopia and it isn’t going to happen – they stop anything good if it isn’t perfect and we end up with somehting worse (like their blocking of the original ETS).

    The NBN might seem like an expensive movie downloading vehicle, it is more about business. Its commercial applications are enormous and it will be built to last decades. The NLP’s solution is short-term and more expensive in the long run.

    If everyone just looked into the policies and ignored the sound bites, we might have a reasonable result at the election.


    There are no policies from the opposition .

    They and the costings get released in the last few weeks so they dont get scrutinised to closely.

    In the mean time its a popularity contest between 2 leaders.

    The polls show migrants and blue collar males hate Julia….misogyny ?????

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