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    Australia has Green Lifestyle Magazine. Grass Roots. Earth Garden. Gardening Australia. Plenty of gardening magazines. Some of them promoting a ‘green’ lifestyle–though, I am skeptical of the greenness of magazines like Green Lifestyle; it’s more about green capitalism. But none have dedicated themselves to the permaculture philosophy.

    Until now.

    There’s a new kid soon to start kicking it around the block. It’s called Pip. Founded by permaculture enthusiast, photographer and journalist, Robyn Rosenfeldt, Pip focuses on how permaculture can affect every aspect of one’s life, regardless of whether you live on a cattle station in the Northern Territory or an apartment in inner-city Melbourne.

    The seed funding for the magazine is being raised via a Pozible crowdfunding campaign. This sort of economics is exactly what Bill Mollison got at in the early days of permaculture. Mollison promoted and envisioned in our future an economic system of “ethical investments and community economics”. And we can’t forget the key principle–which may have been his or one of Holmgren’s from later on–of sharing the surplus. Well, I have shared some surplus to help get Pip Magazine off the ground. Check out their website and Pozible campaign:

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