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    Farmer Gregie (Greg Dennis) is taking on the big boys and is about to process and distribute milk from his farm at Kooralbyn in SE Qld. While his milk has to be pasturised by law, he will be selling it unhomogenised. Look out for his Scenic Rim 4 Real milk here in SE Qld soon.

    Meanwhile he is petitioning to be able to sell raw milk. This is one of his posts from his Facebook page Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

    Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

    QUESTION – “Will you be selling RAW milk – straight from the vat?”

    SHORT ANSWER – “No – it is not legal to do so in Australia.”

    VERY LONG ANSWER – Farmer Gregie remains a staunch advocate of the health benefits of RAW MILK. After a full year of extensive research on this very topic, he wrote many blog posts, and launched an online petition. Unfortunately it was poorly received by the public – attracting only 2,448 signatures. (He was hoping for 100,000!!)

    There is a solid base of complacency in our society. Those who wish to buy raw milk for themselves and their families, have found willing participants – through loopholes such as ‘herd share’, ‘pet milk’, and of course the most popular – ‘bath milk’. These are effectively ‘black markets’, whereby the farmer is risking jail time, huge fines (as much as $200,000 depending on your State) and possible farm closure.

    Farmer Gregie refuses in principle to become a part of the market – that states “you must not consume this milk…as it may kill you”…when in all honesty he believes it is beneficial to your health! His belief is that a regulated market must be established, protecting both consumer and farmer alike. Regular milk testing is vital – whether it is processed or not.

    In the meantime, Farmer Gregie and his family, and all the dairy farmers he knows will continue drinking raw milk – straight from the vat…legally. According to FSANZ regulations, our lives are not worthy of saving – by preventing this ‘life theatening’ activity =O

    Feel free to check the petition – and it’s link to the blog – “Milking it for Real”

    Petition – Legalize The Sale Of Raw Dairy Products In Australia

    Please consider signing the petition found in the link above.

    Thank you… 🙂


    For what it is worth … DONE 🙂



    Lady Bee

    It would be wonderful to be able to legally buy milk from a farmer.


    I was around signature number 2500 or so, wouldn’t it be great to blow this right out of sight with well past the 10 000 mark!


    (Sorry if posted twice – my first post just vanished as I was half-way through it.)

    I’ve signed the petition, and it flummoxes me that this is even an issue, especially as I’ve been drinking raw milk for years with nothing but beneficial effects. How anybody can drink most of the white crap that passes for milk in the supermarket is now simply beyond me! (Although there are some organic, unhomogenised full cream milks that are ok.)

    In the past I believe there was a safety issue with brucellosis, but today’s herds are vaccinated against it so it’s no longer an issue, especially in the small, organic, clean grass-fed herds (ie. once normal herds) that supply raw milk through legal means such as cow shares.

    Here’s a list of the worst food poisoning outbreaks in the US:

    The culprits were:


    Fenugreek sprouts

    Cantaloupe (melon)

    Cold cuts

    Hot dogs

    Milk (but it was pasteurised – see




    Green onions


    Canned tuna


    Apple juice


    Here’s a list of outbreaks in Victoria: Again, no milk mentioned.

    So why the hell aren’t these foods banned, but raw milk, which isn’t even on the list is banned?

    The fact is anything that enters your body via your mouth can cause food poisoning – including raw milk. Food poisoning is caused by contaminated food, and any food can be contaminated.

    It smacks of a vendetta, and I think it’s because all of those things on the Wiki list and others like it can be sold in a supermarket, but raw milk can’t because it has to be fresh, and that doesn’t fit with the supermarket/warehouse/long shelf life distribution system.

    I’m so glad I have access to my raw milk!


    I signed. I’ve never tried raw milk, but I can remember the milk we used to get in bottles as a kid, with the cream @ the top that Dad used to “steal” for his coffee. You never see cream on the milk anymore.


    I signed this a year ago, a pity it didn’t do better.


    Yeah I signed it 22nd March 2012, in the first 600 signatures.

    Pitty it didn’t get anywhere… I thought I heard something recently however that Raw Milk sales were becoming legal? Or were being sold in the supermarkets?

    Damn my memory…


    Can’t remember if I signed last time so I have done it this time to make sure.



    I was number 600.

    Bobbee you can do a last name search to find out.


    I did sign it but most people don’t realise that the government has a policy of not recognising online petitions.


    Great idea hope it gets going.

    This is what our local dairy “Baffle Creek Dairy Fresh” is up to… Big difference in taste, creamy! 🙂


    As a regular buyer & supporter of a local bio-dynamic dairy, I have signed many petitions, some at the local level.. in support of Raw milk. There simply is no comparison to what is sold as milk in the supermarkets. In defence of ‘why’ folk keep buying it from the multi nationals.. my view is they don’t know any difference (they were most likely brought up on it) .. or they simply don’t know where they can buy the real stuff.

    It’s not that it’s freely advertised, is it ?!

    Thanks Steve :tup:


    We’ve bought shares in a couple of cows so we can receive our share of their raw milk – its delicious, everyone who visits loves it, and our 3yo grand-daughter drinks it like water when she visits – first stop is the fridge! If we run out, there are two good local ‘unhomogonised’ options we can purchase to tide us over. I think people should be allowed to choose for themselves what they consume and that we should have less regulation, esp with the stupid-markets doing their best to hurt the Aussie producers.

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