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Pesty Phone calls

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    If you are like me the phone rings at meal times and its someone trying to sell your somethign you don’t want

    A friend sent me an email now if they get your mobile phone you will end up with the charge.

    So its time to renew the DON”T CALL NUMBER

    You can do it on line but its far easier I find to ring the numbers through

    Phone 1300 792 958

    We had one at meal times from someone I couldn’t understand trying to tell me that he could have the

    gas put on at my place really cheap. Wouldn’t listen that we have no gas pipes in this area.

    I have gas bottles for the oven only

    I hung up on him and he rang back every time, I hung up in the end he was told where to go.


    My new strategy is to tell them I’m unemployed and have no money as my job has been outsourced to India – don’t get any call backs after that.


    I can’t say I have that problem but my in-laws get it. I do have the do not knock sticker, doesn’t stop them all though….


    I’ve got friends who tend to try to play games with the callers, particularly those who are trying to tell you that there is a problem with your computer. They do everything they can to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. Their record so far is something like 45 minutes. They do things like tell them that the computer is in another room & needs to be turned on; put the phone down & go off & do something else….then come back & tell them that it’s booting up…..go off again, then tell them that it’s booted up…..but they’ve now got to wait for Windows to open……then come back & ask them what they want them to do….take the instructions one at a time, & “go off to do it” (put the phone down, go off & do something else, & then come back later). Apparently they will stay on the phone for a long time if they think you are actually following their instructions.

    My parents just say things like “computer? what computer? when did we get a computer?”


    Judi B

    jaden62 one of the benefits of dialup online nobody can ring and if they ask you to do anything online you can’t …

    Friend used to get the calls all the time and she had so much fun asking all the questions as if she was interested this would go on for hours and then when asked if she wanted the product she’d say NO just wanted to know about it….


    A friend in WA sent me a email about another scam

    DO not reply to any phone calls you get they ring the house if you answer they hang up

    but if no one answers they leave a message that someone in your family is hurt

    or you have won money, you know the excuses to get your money.

    SO if you do and they leave numbers beggining with 809, 284 876 area code.

    Do not ring them it will cost you $2425 a minute and if you try to get your money back

    Australian phone companies can’t help you and you have to ring overseas with no help.

    Its time the government stop these people


    Sorry Robyne, your friend is on the receiving end of an urban legend.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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