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    Could some clever person identify these insects and possibly have an idea how to fight them? they are living in hordes on radish leaves and have moved on to the strawberry plants as well……I have tried pyrethrum a couple of times and also a home made wormwood spray, they won’t budge!!

    thank you for giving me the opportunity to join this forum, its great!


    hope this worked, this should be a close up of the insects…. :wave:


    They look like thrips ??

    I would just plant more beneficial insect attracting plants

    stuff like Dill, Yarrow, Coriander, Sweet Alyssum and maybe build an insect motel.


    Or would they be leafhoppers? Can’t see clearly in the photo.


    thanks guys, been looking at thrips and leaf hoppers on google images, somehow I don’t think they are, will try and get a better close up pic tomorrow !! also sent an email with photos to the diggers club, the horticultural advisor there anwered, saying she did’t know what it was but she has forwarded the photos onto a contact at the museum of Victoria who is an entomologist and should be able to identify them.


    Today I took a few more fotos of my “beloved unidentified pests”, their legs look like those of some sort of hoppers don’t you think?

    by the way they are barely 5 mm long….



    just received an answer from the lovely Julie Willis, Horticultural Adviser at Diggers Club

    These are RUTHERGLEN Bugs

    here a useful website for more info, but I am still looking for an organic way to get rid of them, sure for future I will plant a lot more companion plants, but I need an instant solution????? :dry:,-grey-cluster-bug

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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