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    If that’s an alcoholic brew, then Kirsty will have to drink my share because I don’t drink (where’s the “I’m boring” smiley?) …

    BORING smilie!! Are you kidding! I am reading your posts thinking, “I gotta get out more…there are adventures to be had!!!!”

    I think doing it on your own is a great idea. I know all the stories about how dangerous it is to do this stuff on your own…but I find waiting for other people usually means it just never happens!!!


    Thanks Brigitte 🙂 … I used to wait for people, but now I have given up. Going alone also means there’s no-one to argue with when the going gets tough … much better for retaining friendships 😉 [I can be a real grouch when tired, hungry or dehydrated … it’s not pretty 😡 )


    Hey Sewing Lady – how far down the NSW South Coast are you?

    Who knows – a motorbike ride if I can get an extra long weekend might be fun


    Herbs, there’s a spot on the Peninsula … there for when you are in need.

    Won’t impress upon you the lovely nearby beaches … got some cool trees I can show you around (and the odd bit of creeks and old vineyards and galleries … ).

    Day’s notice and a spot to park for a moment … welcome (just don’t let me near your bike … warned in advance 😉 )

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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