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    If youre up my way would love to have you, only 450km north of Perth, I know a big call and ride but we have plenty of yummy organic food. 🙂 M


    Great excuse for a get together!!!

    Look forward to meeting up with you Andy!

    I am in Serpentine which borders one of the parts of the track.

    John and Zoe

    Herbman wrote:

    John … The pics are awesome. Would love to take you up on the offer 🙂

    No worries Herbman! Loking forward to your visit.:tup:

    Do you still want me to send you those brochures? If you do, I might have to nip down to the Albany Tourist Bureau as Zoe has had a ‘tidy-up’ and it will be quicker to get new ones for you.:lol:




    Hi Herbman would love to catch up with you on your walk unfortunately we are inland from Collie about 100 km so a bit far out of your way but if you are planning to meet others some where along the way would be happy to travel.


    Herbman, I am a local and have walked the first half (Kalamunda to Pemberton). I was on the bib track last week down pemberton way for four days. I am due to take some school kids out in a few weeks. You can get sub zero on clear nights right from the start ( but may not). You can expect rain of course. I am happy to chat about the first half if you want.


    [Hey Bobbee – I love to get around. It’s my favourite thing. Fortunately DW is understanding and knows that every few years I get the need to go travelling. Then I settle down for a few years before I need to go again [shrug] ]

    You are so lucky to have the support of your DW Herbie. It is great to have the chance to ‘live your dream’.

    It must be so sad to be about to ‘fall off the perch’ and to be saying “if only…..” and “but I always wanted to…….”


    PS: Those pics are wonderful John. :clap::clap::clap:


    As an example, I am 26 km away from gringer creek campsite. It was -2 degrees this morning and would be similar temp from Hewitts right through to at least Collie, and probably on to Northcliffe. It gets a bit warmer when you hit the coast. Very nice daytime walking temperatures though…… under 20 degrees with clear skies. It is the best time for the bib track – the tanks are full, snakes are asleep, and you don’t have to carry too much water. I was fine with 1.2 litres a day last week. This june you would have hit some hot days (27 – 30 degrees) because Autumn kept on keeping on. We copped a 30+ degrees day out of Balingup this June. We were walking from Balingup to Donnely River Village – the start of the Karri trees. It was uncomfortable and the water tank at the camps were getting low. I have only struck an empty tank twice in autumn. Once somone had trucked 40 litres of water in, the other time the camp was close to a dam with good water.

    If you haven’t walked on gravel before – use those things plasterers use to keep crud out of thier boots because the pea gravel flicks into your boots. It also makes steep downhills a little like walking on ball bearings – walking sticks help a lot to stop this.

    Get a goretex lined jacket as a matter of priority.


    John – Just PMed you. Am sorry I missed the part about the brochures. Have been distracted lately, and your pics took my focus because they are fantastic! Thank you for your kindness :hug:

    Bobbee – My DW is the bestest!! :kiss1: Am really really really lucky!

    Bill – Thank you so much for the tips. I will definately be in touch. Yeah – good quality wet and cold weather gear sound like a priority. Definately will need to save my pennies! Have to get through my bike ride to Melbourne this summer first, then will be getting hardcore into prep for the walk.

    Am a little nervous … mostly about being away from my darling for 7-8 weeks … and saving for the wet and cold weather gear (it’s usually hot and wet here in SE Qld so it’s different gear than I’m stocked with)

    Am so excited about meeting with all you westerners … Am really excited. :metal:

    Duck Diva_73

    My favourite bit is from Pemberton/Northcliffe to Walpole. Have had many a great time in those areas.Its so beautiful. You will love it!

    Some people I know are walking it as we speak. My brother inlaw is doing a food drop on Sunday for them. Yes its cold at this time of the year so you’ll need your thermal underwear 😆


    Hey there Duck Diva – thanks for the tip 🙂 … Will make sure to keep an eye out for thermal sales early next year because am a soft Brisbanite (when it comes to cold) 😉

    Am really excited hey … 🙂


    I love the stretch that takes in mt cuthbert to mt cooke because of the views. I love the karris down pemberton way but in winter everything is so damp. I long for a log that I can sit on… they are all covered in damp moss in the karri’s. The whole area is like a giant sponge. Very, very, pretty though. Next time I walk down pemberton way I will carry a square of space blanket as a light, dry, cover to rest on (I lay down on the track with my feet over my pack to get ease my back).


    Unfortunately, an old injury has flared up while walking up and down steps on the Yellow Mountain in southern China and the Great Wall in northern China. This means that I have to change my plans for next year’s 2 month holiday.

    I have decided that instead of walking I’m going to cycle for 2 months from Perth to Melbourne (or Melbourne to Perth if the winds are better that way).

    I have worked out that it is about 4,000km from Perth Domestic Airport to Avalon Airport in Melbourne via the coast road to Albany, the Nullabour, Adelaide and Yanac area (if Kristy and Jeanie will still let me share a beverage with them 😉 ).

    DW is much happier with this plan, though she is not keen on me doing the Nullabor (should learn to spell it shouldn’t I). Reckon it will be heaps cool :metal: And that way I will have ridden Brisbane to Perth over the course of the year …

    It also means DW can come to Melbourne after my ride and we can maybe hire a car and see the GOR together :kiss:


    Youd probably need herbal tea at my place after kirstys brew:lol:


    😆 If that’s an alcoholic brew, then Kirsty will have to drink my share because I don’t drink (where’s the “I’m boring” smiley?) …

    But I do like herbal tea :tup: 😀 …

    sewing lady

    If you are going to be on the South Coast of NSW we would love to have you call in.

    You do some fantastic things and I can see that ou are a risk taker!! :clap::clap:

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