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Perth gardeners-how is the new watering regime going?

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    Wicking Beds are very helpful, mine hold between 200-500litres under each bed so they dont need to be water more than once a week period even mid summer. You fill by manual running the hose until your calculated bed catchment/aquifer volume has come out of the tap, just do a bucket fill test to find your tap flow rate. So in 2 hours i should have filled my 7-8 plus beds and in that time I spend most of it gardening/weeding/cropping as the hose is running into the aquifer through the filler pipe. I am not holding a hose

    Definatly should be shading your gardens nov-feb, I am going to trial planting shading legume trees, tagasaste etc and thinning them as require to let in 70% light and morning light etc. The pruning are excellent high nitrogen mulch. Also a lot of plant stacking/density i.e. plants drawing the watered water from all different sub surface levels and bringing it back to the surface.

    and of COURSE MULCH MULCH MULCH if you have less than 10cm of mulch you are not mulching.


    A good ground cover in place of lawn which is drought proof is Lippia grows wild on all the verges here and through the 10 yrs of drought



    just do it, that’s all we do use one of those eco’ friendly or make our own laundry detergent, most of ours goes to potted plants, here the lawn just has to get by. just use it within 24 hours.

    yeh tell ’em nothing take ’em nowhere.



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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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