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Perth gardeners-how is the new watering regime going?

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    Eira Clapton

    As you know we are now restricted to one watering day per week. How is it going? I have just spent an hour watering by hand, and whilst the productive plants have been watered, the decorative ones will have to fend for themselves until our official sprinkler day on Thursday.

    Given that we have entirely dripper fed plants and they are heavily mulched I am hoping that we can get through this summer, although it looks like a very hot beginning to it.

    Anyone got any ideas? Tips? Tricks? Grumbles?



    I have shade over my veg and food areas, mulch and I have tough trees and shrubs only growing. Hopefully we will get through as well.

    Good luck EMW and all the sandgropers with your garden/s we are going to seroiuosly need it this summer with temps already reaching up to 36 here some days. :jawdrop:


    Is the one watering day just for reticulation or all types of watering?

    Our lawn is already dead in one month as we decided not to water that with the retic anymore.

    Eira Clapton

    As I understand it we can use sprinklers on one of our usual watering days, but only hand watering on other days.

    I don’t see how anyone could keep a lawn watered sufficiently on one day per week, but I don’t have any lawn!

    I agree we need to conserve water -we have had a very dry winter and the summer seems to have set in early.

    Jackie French says Australian gardens have a problem with evaporation, not with the amount of water -more shade means less evaporation and the plants survive!


    We don’t tend to water with sprinklers much anyway – sometimes I put it on the back lawn when it’s a really warm morning so that I can water the lawn and the children can run through it at the same time 😉 Most other plants I handwater, but then we have a fairly small garden.

    I’m keeping the back lawn going with greywater. It’s a bit of a pain to be carrying out tubs of water but I crave green in summer and it makes a huge difference to my mental health when we’re all about to cook on those hot summer afternoons and evenings. The front will have to fend for itself mostly, but it does every year, and every year it comes back again. I’ve planted some dichondra and lippia in a couple of places in the front lawn and I’m handwatering them – will do so all through summer so they establish, and by next year they should be good to leave on their own.


    We’re lucky to have our ornamental and fruit trees/edible shrubs areas on grey water, so that’s good.

    Just about to put the shade up over the vegies….

    The lawn is still greenish… it’s only a small patch of lawn for the kids to play on and we got a drought tolerant variety so it’s pretty hardy.

    Everything else is mulched up and ready to battle on.

    I’ve only just started turning on the drip line in the vegie patch in the last couple of weeks… just once a week. So far so good. The soil is good, the plants are healthy and hardy and we’re mulched up well. Apart from the grey water the vegies are the only thing reticulated with tank/mains water.

    Mind you, summer hasn’t even began and we’re nearly at the end of our tank water and will have to soon switch over to mains. 🙁

    I’ve noticed a real difference in the strength of my vegies this season as we’re planting second, third, fourth and fifth generation seeds that we’ve collected ourselves… so they seem to have really adapted well to our hot and dry conditions. :tup:


    I know it sounds like a contradiction but I think hydroponics is the way to go unless you have a lot of watering time on your hands. I am going to plant a lemon tree in the veg garden, put chooks in 3/4 of the back yard, and hyydro for the veg. I have to keep watering my asparagus though… can’t lose that.

    Eira Clapton

    Agree Bill-the asparagus is a priority!


    I have an ATU system so some garden gets water from that. Increasing my aquaponics and converting most of my vegetable garden to wicking beds to bypass the one day a week watering issue. My lawn never gets watered anyway, it fends for itself over summer and generally manages being kikyu


    what is the ‘proper’ info on using grey water from the washing machine straight onto the lawm?

    I use ‘garden safe’ detergernt, at the moment is a PLANET Ark one. And hose pipe it straight on to the lawn, both the wash water and the rinse water (no softner).

    I have a large lawn 18m long by 7m.

    Is this ok? I hear alot of conflicting advice.

    I havent set up any beds at the mo, its the summer project, im in the process of bying 100m worth of limestone blocks.

    Eira Clapton

    We are having trouble turning off one of the two days our automatic system was set to do, so have been turning it off manually. This Thursday we had forgotten to turn it on again! Grr.


    Below the ground drippers and mulch are the best defence B)


    g’day e,

    we use all our water at least twice, this to better mange fresh water use, put in a good sized rainwater tank to help reduce you households dependency on reticulated water, all our dish washing water goes to the vege’ garden with my wee added in, our laundry and shower/bath water goes to flushing solids only down the toilet, and to watering potted plants, odd occassions fruit tree watering, but the big addition is mulch we use green type spoilt hay mulches(sugar cane mulch rough bails) and lay it 6″ to 8″ thick.

    have no irrigation systems they cost money and need maintenance and they won’t handle grey water that is unfiltered, hy filter out the organic material. we use buckets. and we ahve rain drums as well as substantila tnak this water gets used for clothes washing and on odd occassions plant watering. use grey water as fresh as it comes no older than 24 hours it gets a bit smelly not that i see that as a health issue.



    dry_dip_stick we are different to other states in that our grey water use is governed by the Health Department. You can find guidelines here


    just use the grey water and plead ignorance.

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