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Penny , and all you folk in WA.are you OK after massive storm over there?

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    I’ve just heard about the massive storm in SW WA , I think it must have been Sunday afternoon? 160,000 homes and businesses without power , and many of them will be for days,many boats dammaged , houses too.

    If you are one of them I guess you won’t see this,but do hope you are all OK.

    Penny, were you still on your property?


    We were home, thought we were going to lose the dogs as the wind forced our locked gates open. Good old star pickets to the rescue. Son staying with us during a house rebuild lost both side fences. Windy and annoying when you have a cold and have to go out in the rain but nobody hurt which is the main thing.

    Thanks for caring.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    we are north of Perth and it hit us early morning …… we are lucky we had no damage but had a stressful time moving goats because we were scared a big tuart tree might come down on their shed ……… not that they are hard to move ……… just trouble finding somewhere else to put them ! finished up with 5 girls tied up in pens on one side of the shed while 3 buckling went crazy in their pens a couple of meters away 👿 the older buck lives under a big tuart tree but he is giving us so much trouble at present that we just couldnt move him as we had nowhere else that will keep him in !


    Glad you are OK.Sounds as though Mandura and Rockingham and the coast copped it the worst.And there’s more to come – I just heartd a forecast for more damaging winds and “multiple tornadoes”. :jawdrop:

    …and hope the buck stays safe! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a tuart tree in a big wind!! :ohmy:


    Forecast is for more storms tomorrow night but by the look of the weather it might be bad tonight. Just heard severe storms are forecast for tonight from Geraldton right down to Mandurah and yesterday caused the most damage to the power system in one event. Well we will just have to buckle down and hope for the best. Tonight the weather will also effect the property so all we can do is hope that everyone stays safe. We are a bit concerned about a big tree near our house in Perth. The dogs are going nuts and dug under the fence today. I just hope that everyone is patient on the roads and stay safe.



    I am in Armadale and lost power from lunch time yesterday untill 3am this morning, it was very hard studying for my Theology exam that was today with a torch up on my shoulder and no internet. My dead mother will be rolling in her grave laughing as she always told be to be prepared and have my clothes for the next day ironed way before I needed them :sick: I arrived at the exam late,wet and stressed, personally I think it was God and mum punishing me for being a bad girl. I made the Friday night man stay untill Sunday afternoon just in case my roof blew off :kiss: Next doors fence fell over 20mts of super six just fell on the ground,exposing a very large and very deep below grond pool, and even after having the whole day to sort somthing out the pool is still exposed to all the kids that walk past to go to the primary school….

    One more exam on Wednesday morning Philosophy at 9am is a struggle, I have ironed my clothes already and printed out my notes 😆


    Can you buy wee sized generators for fridge/freezers? I would hate to loose all of my hard work if the power goes off again?


    So glad to see all are ok so far, well the three who have responded anyway, I have forgotten who we have in WA. :blush: Of course there is Muzzy, hope she is safe too.

    HT we know all about the Friday night man remember, what a lovely chap. :hug: Of course he would stay to support you. :hug: Good luck with the rest of the exams and from someone who has not studied Theology let me remind you that God is not punishing you (as if!!!!!!!!!) (and also as if you don’t already know that :laugh: :laugh: ).

    Can’t help you re the generators, sorry. :hug:

    Ggang I hope your goats stay safe, I know how much they mean to you. Hope you and partner stay safe to of course. :hug:

    Penny hang in there, all the best to you and family. :hug:

    Hugs to you too Muzzy if you read this. :hug: :hug: :hug:



    HT I never worry about ironing. Creased is the new fashion , but it is a problem studying. Just let’s be happy that no one has been injured or worse. Hope you do well in your exams




    Yup, great to see everyone is OK :hug:



    We moved everything that might blow around into the garage and have cooked a couple of meals that can be heated on the gas if we lose power. The winds forecast are going to be at category 2 cyclone strength, nothing really been through a lot worse. As long as everyone does the right thing in having cleaned up. On the way to work today there were more fences and trees down but the SES and councils are doing a great job. My other preparation is that I will wear PJs tonight, don’t want to scare rescuers if we need them LOL


    Ha ha Penny you are thnking just like me, I had to drag some pj’s out of the cupboard…just in case. The weather has just started to come thru now.see you all on the other side. I feel like a cross between Mary Poppins and Dorothy at the moment :O


    All the best folk.My daughter moved from Perth to Brisbane on May 20th – I think she’s thinking they timed that well – but she’s concerned for her many friends over there too.

    Please keep us posted.


    the news says last night wasnt as bad as Sunday but up here it seemed worse :jawdrop: between 9 and 10 pm was really bad ……..still too dark to see but miraculously we dont seem to have any major damage

    yesterday hubby spent all day and we managed to move the big buck way from the tree …… if we hadnt I wouldnt have slept at all


    We all good here as well,I slept though the whole lot. Good to hear you came through ok ggang hope everyone else is safe.


    I am south in Donnybrook

    Sunday was the worst, lovely young couple from next door came to see if I was ok.

    He also walked the boundary, found a tree on the fence so got to work with the chainsaw and cleared it.

    Yesterday the young woman and her children came to see if I had any means of knowing about the new storm forcast (no I didn’t) they helped me batten down around about, we retrieved the shelter which was half way down one paddock and shifted the tank that had blown over the fence on Sunday.

    Things I couldn’t do alone.

    The power was down from Sundays storm, came back tuesday so was without power for 50 hrs, and the phone was out,

    This tells me I should look for a radio for emergencies!!!!

    I didn’t open the freezer so it was ok but the fridge didn’t fare so well.

    On the bright side niether me nor the animals were hurt, some tree damage but nothing major,the water tanks are overflowing.

    I really am lucky.

    I feel for the folk who have had so much damage in other places.

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