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Pear halves in syrup being deleted – help

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    Just buy up big! Ask for alot of slabs and you’ll be set for a few months.

    Mum gave me an ancient vacola book today and it looks very doable in water or syrup.

    You’ll only have to do it once a year!;)


    Thanx guys

    The bottling in water sounds interesting, i thought it had to b sugar for some reason?

    Might need to chase up some vaccola jars or Big glass containers.

    Cheers Kate


    Hi there.. I wanted to let everyone know that t our local CHEPP cannery/SPC warehouse, there are tinned bartlett pears in syrup for $6 for 6 cans.

    I was going to grab them for anyone who wanted them but didnt have rom in the car and didnt know who wanted what from where.

    Anyhoo just thought I would let you know.

    We are in Ballarat if anyone is interested and wants me to get them some, possibly to send or freight over.. I dont know.. PM me if you want to though.


    Also the SPC factory in shepparton is still selling pears in syrup. My DS has a major salicylate intolerance, so I sent DH up there to buy a years worth. The cost is 12 cans for $8 for April, so we bought up big and DH said their was heaps up there.

    I have sent emails as well and on the fed up website it says that Woolies has caved and will bring them back.


    thanks for the update furkids.

    Bout time someone got the STUPIDMARKETS to back down.


    Gauchan Meena <> wrote:




    > 12 May 2009



    > Ms. Julie Jackson




    > Dear Julie,


    > RE: Your query to Woolworths Supermarkets


    > Thank you for contacting us with regards to Homebrand Pears in syrup

    > .Feedback such as yours plays a major role in the improvements we

    > provide to our customers.


    > As Woolworths are committed to providing quality service and products,

    > we are not only interested to learn of your concerns, but strive to meet

    > all expectations placed by our customers. We apologise for any

    > inconvenience and dissatisfaction you have experienced with your

    > purchase.


    > We have taken your feedback into consideration and pleased to advise

    > that we will bring the canned fruit in syrup back to the range once our

    > current stock in juice is exhausted.


    > Please be assured that we take complaints and suggestions such as yours

    > very seriously and wish to maintain our record as a high quality

    > provider of products and service.


    > Thank you for the time that you have taken to bring these matters to our

    > attention.


    > Yours faithfully

    > Meena Gauchan

    > <<Picture (Metafile)>>

    > Homebrand Label

    > Woolworths Support Office

    > Supermarkets – Private Label


    How many years supply of fruit in juice do they have in their warehouses. May be a long wait.



    stock up on some vacola jars, and a supply of tinned pears to get you through to July (I’ll have some time then) and you and I can get together and have a session with my vacola. A 12 kg box will make between 24-36 big jars of pears in syrup or water. I’m in the Hawkesbury, not too far away. I can come to you. I can also get you organic pears at a wholesale price if you want to go that way.



    Gawd :jawdrop:

    If the “natural juices” have added salicylates shouldn’t this be on the label?

    I’ve always bought the “natural juice” because I assumed there was NO ADDED products. AND I always CHECK THIS BY READING THE LABEL. Why is this not on the label? I always buy the “natural juice” because I thought this more natural with no added rubbish and thus better than the syrup….

    Thanks for alerting me to this :tup:, I’m going to be rinsing the fruit before consuming and definitely straining the juice before adding the fruit to my porridge in the morning.

    hmmm, maybe time to start contemplating preserving myself…I had decided making soap and preserving were two things that I just didn’t have the urge to master but maybe I’ll give it a go:shrug:


    Hiya jcj57,

    yes i ended up with a phone call from woolies, not an email, to say they were going to bring the pears in syrup back but only after the pears & fruit juice were used up too. Admittedly when i phoned them originally, i was fairly passionate on the phone and DEMANDED a response.


    You People ROCK !!!

    Thank you to all the helpful ALSers out there.

    Hiya Deee

    wow that sounds like a great offer THanx. I just might take you up on that offer. 🙂

    Home made is the best after all. and i am only over mt druitt way.

    Gleanert ,

    The salycilates are not added, as such, so dont go panicking. All foods are made up of naturally occuring chemicals. It just happens that my kids are extremely sensitive to some called salycilates and to a lesser degree amines, which are found naturally in almost all foods. What the companies are doing is mixing apple(med-high lvl) juice with pear(lower lvl) juice and putting that back into the pears in juice which increases the natural salycilate level than if it was pear juice alone. My kids cant do the juice anyways, which is why i had a panick attack about them deleting pears in syrup.


    hehehe yeah i know, makes you wonder.

    But you need to ask, how many tins of pears in syrup do i now have too 😆 my hubby thinks i lost my mind when i started stockpiling them :tongue:

    cheers Kate


    Great news. Nevertheless, lets have an ALS Sydney preserving day in July. I’ll bring my mother – she’s very good at it (and can still work me under the table). Who’s in?



    :wave: :wave: ME!!!

    I’ve never done any preserving and made a batch of a disastrous kiwi fruit jam years ago! 😆

    Haven’t got anything for preserving – so perhaps start a new thread and put up a list what we’d need to bring, etc.

    Great idea, deee! :tup: Just make sure its not on the last week of July 😉

    Cheers! :hug:


    recyclingdiva wrote:

    What the companies are doing is mixing apple(med-high lvl) juice with pear(lower lvl) juice and putting that back into the pears in juice which increases the natural salycilate level than if it was pear juice alone. My kids cant do the juice anyways, which is why i had a panick attack about them deleting pears in syrup.

    cheers Kate

    I did wonder if it was the natural salicylates.

    I naively thought that “natural juices” were just that with no tampering…I will now be cautious with any label that says “RECONSTITUTED juice” on the list of ingredients. Another reminder that words like “natural” in advertising are meant to deceive us and are not natural by our own ordinary definiton.


    OK Darls. Give me a poke again in late June and we’ll set something up. May need a bigger kitchen than mine……


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