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Pear halves in syrup being deleted – help

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    Woolworths and other companies ie coles and spc in their wisdom have decided to delete from range/ not carry or change pear halves in syrup to pears in natural juice.

    Well i hear you all say, soo what? thats a good thing right?

    Well NO IT ISNT!!!

    My children happen to be very sensetive to salycilates which are a naturally occuring chemical found in nearly all foods. Salycilates can affect every part of my childrens lives, thru ecxmas(sp)/hives, learning issues, stomach upsets, anxieties and more. Pears are low chemical.

    Natural juice has more of this chemical than sugar syrup, and what they’ve done is mix apple juice( moderate to high salycilate) with the pear juice.

    We use pears in syrup every week. I make jam with it, put it in stir frys, or pasta and rice salads and use them in baking recipes. It helps me to keep my kids on a more even keel, to stop them suffering.

    I am sooo over companies changing products without telling customers. It just makes life that much bit harder.

    What can you do ?

    Please contact the companies, ring or email them, tell them

    that you want pears in syrup. Please ask them to reconsider as you buy this product (or have a friend who buys it ) every week and rely/relies on it to be available.,com_contact/Itemid,3/ or ring 1800 805 168

    Coles: or ring 1800 061 562

    Woolworths/Safeways: or ring 1300 767 969

    Thanx for this and sorry for the rant.



    I prefer my tinned fruit in syrup too, especially pears!!! will copy and paste the urls and send off emails in your support to keep the product in production.

    Come on ALSers this person needs our help.


    Member,com_contact/Itemid,3/ or ring 1800 805 168

    Woolworths/Safeways: or ring 1300 767 969


    or ring 1800 061 562

    The coles one didn’t work the first time. See if it does now.

    Nope. Sorry. Maybe someone else can make it work.

    Edited by Doc to make the links works :tup:


    Emails sent to SPC & Wooworths,:tup:, the coles email link errors out after filling out the form and sending :shrug:.


    Emails sent from here too!


    Thanx so much jcj, bobbee and maree, Good news , i rang coles customer service and they are still carrying the pears in syrup ( YAY ) .( tho saying that i supose they(powers that b) can change thier minds at any time)

    not sure about spc, i will ring them tomorrow.

    Rang Woolworths and made a complaint, because they definately did change the pears in syrup to juice. :uhoh: I normally shop at woolies which is a bummer.



    I’m glad you got your pears! I understand completely – DH and I are on a restricted diet too, but we have to have pears in NJ instead – I’ll have to ask my Dr why not syrup (probably the sugar is worse for us than the salycilates. 😆 ) We can’t find them in any Coles or Safeway around here, but luckily IGA stock their own branded pears in NJ. Phew. I completely sympathise with the panic though! It always happens that the one thing we can eat, the stores delete. :p


    hehe yup, it happened with cashew spread a few years ago. Cashews are the only nuts my kids can eat, having the lowest natural chemical level. Well they ( all supermarkets around here) over a 6 month period all stopped carrying the cashew spread. Really annoyed me.

    The list of foods my kids can eat is so small compared with the list of foods that they cant eat( or rather shouldnt because of unwanted reactions) And familly still dont really understand it all. I often still get * oh just feed it to them it wont hurt them, or u r just making them worse keeping them limited, they need to build up the foods they can tollerate. Its like well DUH, dont u think i live with this every day? My kids r happy healthy well mannered( at least in public) when they are eating the right foods. And scarey sick/upset little monsters with attitude when thier diets r pushed too far.

    Oh well , at least its only food. 😆



    I got a reply from SPC yesterday.

    Doesn’t sound good though.

    Keep emailing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Copy of reply below:-

    Thank you for your recent email to SPC Ardmona regarding the availability

    of Pears in Syrup. We welcome feedback from our consumers and I appreciate

    the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

    Unfortunately Pears in Syrup has been deleted and at present, we have no

    immediate plans to reintroduce this product. As there is substantial

    natural variation in fruit compositions, SPC Ardmona cannot offer any

    assurances regarding salicylate levels in Pear in Juice products. Any

    consumer with a medical sensitivity to salicylates should discuss their

    situation with an appropriate medical professional before making any

    decisions on the suitability of SPC Ardmona products to their dietary

    requirements. Please rest assured that I will share your comments with our

    Marketing Department, where they will be received with interest.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your

    comments and suggestions.

    Kind regards,

    Anna Luckie

    Consumer Affairs Executive


    Keep Emailing them everyone….


    Can you buy fresh pears and perhaps make your own sugar syrup?


    Or at least look for a small business operator who would be able to do a small batch for you?

    If you’re super organised, you could check the FedUp groups to see if there are others who’re freaking out and band together to see if the above idea could be done?

    I’ve lost so many food products to insane decisions of ‘above’ who love to make my life more difficult when I go shopping to find them deleted for no reason!

    Remember sometimes when a product is from a large company, there are chances its overseas owned anyway, so find ways to support australian brands?

    My kids love pears and I am seriously looking into growing my own here – apparently they should be easier to grow than apples?

    Cheers! :hug:


    LOLZ darls

    organised ? me? I dont think those 2 words go in the same sentence. :p

    I do try , i just trip up often. Where i live apparently pear trees dont grow well, due to getting attacked badly with coddling moths ( apples have that problem here too)acording to the horticulturalist guy at the nursery.

    Thanx tho gnol i did try to make my own pears in syrup once ( they grew a nice fur coat in a matter of days YUK:rip:) Tho with practice i am sure i would get better at making them 😆 might have to if all this nonsence keeps happening with my kids foods.

    JCJ .. some days .. frustrating isnt it….Bloo*** big companies.

    cheers Kate


    Kate the problem is that your only commercial choices are pears in syrup or pears in juice. Juice is concentrated salicylates, so syrup it is. But if bottling your own pears, you can do them in water.

    I know the recommendation is to use very ripe pears, peeled. But I’m not sure that the canned pears you buy in the supermarket were ever allowed to fully ripen before processing. Does anyone know??

    I’ve bought pears for $5/box and bottled them in water, and they’re lovely. (no fur :confused: ) Can you get to a market or orchard to buy some in bulk? It’s really not hard to process them, and once you know how, you’ll save heaps of money.


    I did all my bottling in just plain water for many years.

    Plums were a bit tart but you can add sugar when using them if need be. Mainly bottled Apricots Peaches Pears and Plums as they were the trees we had growing.

    I used a vacola outfit. it is simple to do and if you have allegy problems I would think it would be well worth the effort of doing your own.


    my hubby also has a salycilate intolerance. perhaps we should are some safe recipes?

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