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Peak Oil Nonsense.

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    Thinking of organisating workshops, bringing the gurus from overseas, at a later time. For this weekend, hes happy to show people around at the GTG!


    Hydrogen Harvesterâ„¢

    Generating Hydrogen through Photosynthesis

    The Hydrogen Harvester is a potentially game changing device that generates hydrogen from living algae. In contrast to previously reported developments in the area, the new Hydrogen Harvester uses little to no external energy inputs, requires no sulfur deprivation or other “stressing” of the algae, and no genetic modification. The process uses viable, high growth, high oil content algae strains, providing an additional energy source from bioreactors. The result is a photosynthetic technology platform that yields energy in the form of oil, biomass, and hydrogen. Continued…




    This one actually looks promising.:tongue:

    Just had a quick look and there is certainly potential here.:clap:

    Need more information. It is one that we will need to keep an eye on. I do have a little concern that this is all coming from a company that has ‘promised much’ in the past and not delivered. Let us hope they are not going fo the ‘Big Invester Announcement’

    Time will tell.

    I think it would be worth catching up on in say 6 mths time.


    All fuel cells I’ve seen, rely for their operation, on a Proton (Hydrogen ion) Exchange Membrane. Looking at the exacting specifications of PEMs, it’s likely that any example that could be fabricated by a home hobbyist using readily available ingredients, would perform so poorly as to be impractical (like home-made solar PV cells).

    (Edited for spelling.)


    Italian Service Station Framework Agreement for Photovoltaic and Hydrogen Generator Installations

    Acta S.p.A. (AIM:ACTA), the clean energy products company, is delighted to announce that it has signed an exclusive supply agreement (the “Framework Agreement”) with Girelli Bruni S.p.A., one of Italy’s leading installers of filling station forecourt equipment, for the supply of photovoltaic installations and integrated hydrogen generators for the Italian service station sector. The Company estimates that, based on Girelli Bruni’s current level of annual installations, the Framework Agreement has a potential revenue value to Acta of up to €5 million per annum and is expected to ramp up to this level over the next 12 to 18 months, initially biased towards photovoltaic installations.

    Under the Framework Agreement, signed on 19 July 2010, Acta will be the exclusive supplier of photovoltaic installations to Girelli Bruni, which supplies forecourt installations in Italy for major brands such as Agip, Esso, Shell, Total, ERG, Repsol and Auchan. Girelli Bruni will also be the exclusive distributor of Acta’s hydrogen generators for the fuel supply sector in Italy. Based on Acta’s proprietary catalytic and hydrogen conversion technologies, these generators can be safely integrated with the photovoltaic installations to produce clean, dry and compressed hydrogen. Girelli Bruni completed more than 170 forecourt installation projects during 2009, of which the majority also requested the installation of photovoltaic capacity. Continued…


    I’m not sure if this is a good place to add this question, however I did a search for “fusion energy” on the ALS site and this is the only thread which showed up. There’s a reference to it several pages back. I’m not going to read all 16 or 17 pages, or start a new thread on energy, so…

    Did anyone see the program on fusion energy last night on the telly? I’d fallen asleep on the lounge and woke up to hearing about it being something along the lines of a clean, safe, cheap energy source and that current testing is going well; they expect to have a few test sites (mentioned countries but I cannot remember them) in about 20? years and that by about 2050 it could be up and running and powering us all. In my hazey half asleep state I don’t even know the TV channel it was showing on!

    If anyone saw it would they be able to give some details as to channel so I can check for a transcript or audio, please?




    Fusion energy has been destined to be a cheap, clean source of energy in 20 years for about the last 40 years, if not more.

    Conventional fission power was supposed to be “too cheap to monitor” as well, yet when all the costs are factored it in turns out it’s quite expensive and only survives on subsidies.




    The latest solar inovation from Australian researchers is “Solar Paint” as featured on the The New Inventors last night. Its a paint that converts solar energy into electricity. Extremely light in weight it currently can be used painted on plastic & sealed and situated on entire roof tops & walls. Its energy cost is recouped in 3 months and paradoxically performes better in low light, including Moon light, conditions thus suitable for dimmer climes & conditions. With further development it will be available as a house paint that can generate spark for your joint.

    The advatages of this inexpensive, light weight, easily applied, replacable, and in-situ power source are enormous.


    Talking to one of the property owners around Dalby (QLD) that have the gas mob drilling for new gas wells and they expect to have the same problem as the USA. All the under ground water will be unfit for drinking because of being pressurised by the gas. Only a matter of time and the water will probable burn just like is does in the USA.


    Dennis: I think there are already quite a few examples of this happening in Australia. It’s disturbing to say the least.


    There’s a guy on the South Aust., South Coast, that has 2 wind turbines and lots of solar panels on his roof. He hasn’t had a power bill for years.

    He has got a web site. I will go and ask him, next time I go through his town. He is at the solar shows all the time showing people how easy it is to set up your own

    Friends went through Apollo Solar to get all of their solar penels there’s is tubes and you add on as you can afford the extra pieces.


    Robyne post=292677 wrote: He is at the solar shows all the time showing people how easy it is to set up your own

    Hi, where could I find out about those solar shows date and location. I would be very interested to go there.


    i would like to know about this as well

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