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Pathetic Potatoes

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    Yes congratulations Katerina. :clap: And I am agog with anticipation waiting for the answer to your question ’cause I have no real idea for storing spuds at home. :shrug:

    I am, of course, assuming that at some time in the not to distant future I will be digging my own spuds from a successful (fingers crossed) growing season. :tup:



    Make sure they are all dry then put them in a sack, hessian if you can get it- paper if not(But NOT PLASTIC). Then store somewhere cool and dark


    Hello there djc. Nice to meet you. :wave:

    Thanks for the advice. Not many cool places in Oz once summer hits but maybe our spuds can handle a bit of warm. They’ve probably acclimatised. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Mind you it’s pretty cool right now here in my little bit of Victoria. I’m taking a hot water bottle to bed. :tup:

    jacqui jones

    heh me too

    victoria has scary weather atm!

    im a newbie to growing potatos too

    we have some in a bed and some in gabage cans too

    all interesting they they sometimes dont flower i didn’t know that thanks.>:)

    what a haul u got woohoo, gee i hope we get similar to that.


    another potato question! I’ve just harvested a couple of pontiac plants (the tops were looking like Katerina’s!) but most of the potatos are only golf ball size or smaller, ie about 20 small ones and only two larger ones. If I leave them longer will they get any bigger? :shrug: I’m guessing not, but don’t want to dig them all up if there’s a chance to get a better crop by leaving them for a few more weeks!



    Hi dierich,

    I know very little about spuds but I think I read somewhere that as long as the tops are green and healthy then the spuds will still be growing and putting on size.

    I may be wrong.



    Katerina, we usually store our spuds in a milk crate inbetween layers of newspaper. This year we’ve got an old dresser and have put holes through the drawers and are planning to keep them in that. As long as it’s dark, has some air flow and isn’t too hot, you should be right.


    dont quote me on this, but my gut feeling tells me that if the plant is not photosynthesizing any more, than the potatoes wont be getting any larger. :shrug: just my hunch.


    thanks dags, I have layered them in some cleaned plastic pots (pot plant pots) in clean straw, and they are in the shed, in a dark corner.

    I made wicked potato salad with some of the pontiac.

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