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Passion Fruit

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    I have a passion fruit vine that is 2 years old and about 20 metres long. It has lots of foliage and produced hundreds of flowers over summer. Some of them were fertilised and began to grow fruit but when they were about the size of a golf ball, turned yellow and subsequently dropped off. The end result has been no fruit at all. I have two boxer dogs in the yard so blood and bone fertiliser is not an option. Any ideas?


    Hi russellm :wave:

    I can’t help you, other than posting a link or two:

    But I just wanted to say WELCOME to ALS and enjoy the experience. :tup:

    No doubt you will get plenty of replies shortly.



    Have you had lots of rain? if not, they may not have had enough water. not sure of any other reasons (sorry, my mouth is still fresh with the taste of one of my own passionfruit fresh off the ground 😉 )


    Sorry Friend..don’t know more about this !!


    I had 20 Sunshine Special

    In the beginning they were fine then trouble

    At first I thought perhaps possums as there were no fruit developing, then I realised

    Something was attacking the flowers, there was an opening in the base some times very small sometimes large, the embryo fruit was eaten.

    We had lovely flowers, lots of bee’s but no fruit!!

    I took samples to the Ag dept, they had no idea as to what was causing the damage.

    I sold the property so never did find out what was the cause!!!



    What shape are your leaves? We had passionfruit and the rootstock took over the plant and we had the same problem fruit would start to grow then drop off. If they are small and pointy then its the rootstock, if they are nice and big and rounded at the ends its the ones you want. Good luck



    Hello russellm,

    We had a similar situation some years ago and was told we had planted the vine in a spot where it was getting too much water so the vine grew beautifully but the fruit never formed properly.


    Agree with Suejoh, it sounds like rootstock! We had to pull ours all out and start fresh!! Devastating seeing so many flowers and little fruits… To get nothing! Fingers crossed we get some next year.. 5 finger leaves are no good from what I found!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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