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    This is the view from the top of the hill.


    The old tractor.


    What a gorgeous property Bella! 🙂


    Ooh, I have fallen behind on your news Bel! How divine is your view! And while I don’t envy the maintenance, I do admire the size and diversity of your property. Looking forward to the next installment. :tup:


    Hey Jodie & Gianna,

    Well, we’re STILL struggling to get a blocklayer so we can start stage 1 of the renos… But it’s okay because we’re comfy, warm and dry! Hubby has done some plumbing and electrical work so things run more effectively. Great to have a light in the carport, for example. And power-points instead of numerous leads!

    The orchard is going full-steam ahead. I’ve just moved on to stage 3 as those paddocks fill up fast. It’s all sloping and quite heavy soil, so I’m building mounds and using quincan (a volcanic rock) to assist drainage. There’s a list of our fruit trees which I regularly update on my blog:

    I’ve just bought a lot of natives and bushtucker tubestock to plant a noise/privacy break along the front driveway area. I’ll be continuing on from a band of mature trees.

    Exciting news – in amongst aforementioned band of mature trees we saw a tree kangaroo very recently!! Amazing creature… It was a few days after we saw an echidna out the front so I was really rapt.

    The polytunnels (greenhouses) are very slowly coming along. Hubby did a bit more work on them on the weekend, and one has a fence of chicken wire around it and two half-rainwater-tanks FULL of plants (and around the tanks is planted out too)! The wwoofers planted some seeds in punnets for me, so I just have to plant them out somewhere!

    Having wwoofers was fantastic. We really enjoyed the week they were here, even though most of us were sick. :rip: Lots of little jobs were completed, and they were generally fantastic company.

    Hubby’s getting there with the fencing. The weekends are too short and it’s raining a LOT… We’re coming to the dryer months though, so that’ll be a good time to get stuck into things. Maybe he will even take a week off (his paid job)…?

    The new hens should be laying within a month, which is exciting. We’re getting 2 bantam eggs a day this past week. Such cute eggs!

    We find that the mowing/slashing isn’t nearly as much as on the coast. It is winter, of course, so that will change come the warmer weather…

    Thanks for your comments. It seems like not much is happening here, but by writing these posts I see that we’re moving along okay.


    Oh Bella what a wonderful place. Good luck:hug:


    Looks wonderful. The view of the hills is spectacular 🙂


    Bella it all looks so beautiful and sounds like you are making great progress to me. Your orchard sounds wonderful. Love the pics. :tup:


    Thank you all for your lovely encouragement. :hug:


    Looks and sounds fantastic. Bet the kids love it!

    I know from what we’ve done around here that it doesn’t seem as though much has been achieved; one needs to stop and take a good look around or to write it down to realise the scope of it all.

    Thanks for the update.



    Well, we’ve been in situ for just over a year now…

    The renos are s-l-o-w going! Everything is expensive and time consuming! We’re still on the first extension room, but it’s probably 3/4 done now. We’re quite comfy, so I guess that’s why we’re not rushing. Have added a little colour and changed a few simple things through the house, which has made a difference.

    We planted over 80 food producing trees in our first year here, and around as many natives. Very proud of that effort!

    We’ve discovered various bush foods – native and otherwise – which is of great interest to me.

    The greenhouse is going really well, though slightly soggy right now. The chook flock has grown to over 30 chickens so we’re selling excess eggs already. AND we even ate excess roosters (having been mostly vego for over a decade – and for the children, their whole lives!)

    We’ve fenced and planted, cleared and pruned, painted and built. We get impatient but everyone comments on what a difference we’ve made and how great it all looks, so that’s lovely to hear. :clap:

    It’s been lovely to observe a full year here – the seasonal weather changes, the fruit and nuts, the bushfoods, the wildlife and the community around us.

    I’ve joined LETS and Seed Savers and am rapt with both. The Markets here are great. There’s tons for the kids to do and see. I really can’t complain (but I did when it just rained for the past 3 weeks!)


    Wow what a beautiful place Bella. You sure do have a fantastic lifestyle and I wish you well with your property.


    It has been so long since I updated this thread…

    We have been here for over 3.5 years now! We have 2 greenhouses and a fenced uncovered garden. Sometimes they’re prolific, sometimes they’re weedy!

    Stage 1 of the orchard never amounted to much, but Stage 2 is powering along!

    We have a house cow, 2 foster Jersey heifers raised on her, and her Wagyu Cross bull calf. I milk the house cow once a day, though when she raised the calves I often didn’t have to milk daily.

    We have 2 horses – Rosie is a mare and maybe 5 years old and Chili is a gelding and about 4 years old. We did have 2 rescue horses we brought here with us, but they’ve both died. We also had a friend’s Shetland Pony, but she had to be put down at 36 years old. 🙂

    Imogen’s chickens continuously breed and there are a kazillion of them – from teensy little game hens right through to big fat Australorps, Naked Necks (ugly), frizzles, silkies, various brown cross-breeds and everything in between.

    Lily has muscovies – a drake, 2 ducks and a few ducklings. I really like them. We had heaps more, but a wild dog/dingo killed them off months ago. 🙁

    Abby has guinea pigs, including some which free-range. I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but anyway…

    The reno’s are really slow. We built on the ‘school room’ first, and that was a relief to move stuff into. Then we did the entrance area, Abby’s room, then the sewing room, then the lounge room. So just a dozen or so rooms to go! 😉 We have teenagers in caravans which annoys me but thrills them! Gives us the space to move rooms around…

    The work we did on internal roads, clearing paddocks of lantana and fencing have made a huge difference, as has the addition of gates and plantings of bamboo and native trees.

    I still get frustrated that we aren’t doing much, but we really are. Especially considering dh is working full-time shift work, I am homeschooling 6 kids and driving 3 teenagers to work and social events, classes, rehearsals etc, as well as running a business, and a ton of community work and volunteering! 🙂

    I love our community – transition initiative, LETS, local food and more. There’s so much one could possibly be involved with, it’s overwhelming!

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