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    Oh my! Too late to think clearly at this time of night! Just three quick comments in response to recent posts.

    1.Of course I think about my grandsons’ future, constantly ……. who knows, they might help to “save the planet” when they are adults.Right now my main hope is that they grow up to be thoughtful, caring men in every sense of that word ,so that they are able to respond humanely in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

    2. Metu – I refused to follow the initial medical advice I was given re severe osteoporosis – namely take (some very evil) drugs.Research has led me to other remedies without drugs – basically particular but easy nutrition, and weight bearing exercise -and to her credit my current doctor is fine with me finding my own path.

    3. I already have lots and lots of pigeon peas growing! AND a bucketfull of seeds!

    Woo! Hoo!


    Just found a quote from Bill Mollison on my facebook page.It doesn’t have a link I can post but he says ” we all need to stop consuming and start producing, even on a small scale in our back yards.If 10% of us did that there would be enough for everyone.”

    Simplistic? Of course. Realistic? Probably not – but it’s probably the answer we need.

    I’m trying ……..I just wish it would rain …….5ml here in well over two months , and a hot dry summer forecast……most of my veg in the ground are shrivelled.Wicking beds going great.So I have lettuce, silver beet and spring onions …….brahmi to boost my brain and sweet peas to lift my soul.I need lots of old bath tubs. I do what I can.And that’s all that the planet can ask of you trandto.Be concerned – but not consumed by all the questions.You have a life to enjoy right now, climate change or not.So saith Grandma!! :laugh:

    Are the climate scientists right? I don’t know, but two years ago at this time we were leading up to the floods with “unseasonal” rain. Ask my grandsons in seventy years time.There may be a definitive answer by then.


    BlueWren I turn to my garden too and it saddens me when it’s so dry. All my little seedlings died because a bird was desperately looking under them for worms and dug them up :S I figure that once I have a good gardening system set up where I can produce all my fruit, veg and eggs then I can teach that to my children when I have some and they will never starve.

    On that topic, the international food price index is at 213 and rising according to a money newsletter I read, and 210 is the point where civil unrest occurs, so some of these life-changing catastrophes may happen in our lifetime, not far into the future. It’s more important than ever to know how to grow food and collect edible herbs and weeds.

    We can only ever lead our best life now, one step at a time, towards what is important to us as individuals and be flexible to change our course of direction if the needs arise.


    I like that post miaowzen.I need to know more about the food price index – will do some investigating. Does your money newsletter have a link you would be willing to share? Or pm me if you prefer?

    Trandto – absolutley NOT trivialising your questions and the other big questions we need to ask, but I was doing my disabled daughter’s washing today – she has Down Syndrome – and on a pair of her panties of all places were these advices! Very appropriate I think to keep us sane,human and humble inbetween asking the big questions.

    smile every day, enjoy your friends, live life today, laugh out loud, be free to dream and eat more chocolate……”


    Here’s a good article somewhat related to all this from “Yes” magazine.Don’t know why it’s not live…..sorry.Tried to “live” it a few times.

    [url url=http://][url url=http://][/url]

    A quote from it…..class in this case means the rich guys.

    “The middle class is socialized to remain confused about power. That’s how middle-class people can create narratives that ignore class struggle and assign the primary responsibility to—in the case of energy policy—consumers.”


    BW, the newsletter is called The Daily Reckoning. It is sent to my email and has some interesting reads although it’s mostly pretty negative and I’m not really into news so I skim over it.


    Miaowzen post=349234 wrote: On that topic, the international food price index is at 213 and rising according to a money newsletter I read, and 210 is the point where civil unrest occurs,

    I think we’re in for a torrid time, the weight of evidence is stacking up so high and we’re simply ignoring it. I don’t think I am negative at all, I am neither glass 1/2 full nor 1/2 empty. As John Meynard Keys asserted, “we are all entitled to our own opinion but we only have one set of facts” . Everyone brings their own perspective to a debate which is a good thing and this has been a great thread but we seem to be back to covering old ground about ensuring we keep happy and as long as we smile in the face of looming disasters caused by our overconsumption

    One of the reasons for food prices going up is because vast areas of Ag land have been turned over to biofuels, reducing carbon output… see thats the problem when you don’t look at things holistically. Great, we’re cutting back on CO2 production and our reliance on fuel from other countries. Of course the main reason is TOO MANY PEOPLE.

    Doing a little bit seems pointless ? it doesn’t count at all, aside from an ephemeral feel good factor, not negating the importance of that, just pointing out the feeling good and doing vast amounts of environmental damage seem mutually exclusive, yet here we are doing exactly that. :shrug: I was’t trying to seek definitive answers to the big questions but to seek consensus there is an issue and yet… we seem to be dancing around the edges of it ?

    I guess upon reflection I know it is an issue, overconsumption IS the issue there are no alternatives. Putting solar panels up or growing your own veggies while driving a car back and forward to work is the very crux of the problem I guess. Now I have to move forward with how best to deal with my decisions that contribute to that. “We” seem to be saying (and once again no offence intended) that effectively; head in the sand, do what’s best to make you happy, smile and consume a little less ???

    Miaowzen post=349234 wrote: We can only ever lead our best life now, one step at a time, towards what is important to us as individuals and be flexible to change our course of direction if the needs arise.

    but we aren’t are we ? in the face of seemingly irrefutable evidence, we seem to be basically carrying on with our merry ways. Some of us tweaking a little at the corner but no where close enough ? No local based movement to start some serious work towards consuming less ? We seem caught up in the minutiae of getting council approval to plant a tree on the sidewalk or some such…

    One thing we have been considering is to allow several other people to come to our land free of charge, give them a 30 year lease (legal surety they can stay there or pass it on to someone else), rent free, and build a low impact shelter to live in (mud brick, cobbed house, whatever) … but you know what ? Council will have a brain explosion… and we’ll spend a fortune in time, stress and money tied up in Court. :shrug:

    I have every empathy for Blue Wren’s plight with her daughter, she must have such a weight on her mind… and yet sometimes I don’t at all, suspend your empathy for her plight for one minute. Think of the downs syndrome children over here, of which there is one just living up from us, or for the Mum who hears her kids have had their hands blown off by a UXO while at school, dropped during the Vietnam War, a war Australia was culpable in, that we paid our taxes to help prosecute. Or the 30something year old Mum with 2 young kids that has just died from the lack of a simple operation. Cost to save her life ? $4000 or so… about as much as I spent on my pushbike. ($3200)I find it difficult to be happy per se, I smile at the smallthings all the time but I guess that is differnt.

    Perhaps I need to read this book 🙂 😛

    Americans are addicted to happiness. When we’re not popping pills, we leaf through scientific studies that take for granted our quest for happiness, or read self-help books by everyone from armchair philosophers and clinical psychologists to the Dalai Lama on how to achieve a trouble-free life: Stumbling on Happiness; Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment; The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living. The titles themselves draw a stark portrait of the war on melancholy.

    More than any other generation, Americans of today believe in the transformative power of positive thinking. But who says we’re supposed to be happy? Where does it say that in the Bible, or in the Constitution? In Against Happiness, the scholar Eric G. Wilson argues that melancholia is necessary to any thriving culture, that it is the muse of great literature, painting, music, and innovation—and that it is the force underlying original insights. Francisco Goya, Emily Dickinson, Marcel Proust, and Abraham Lincoln were all confirmed melancholics. So enough Prozac-ing of our brains. Let’s embrace our depressive sides as the wellspring of creativity. What most people take for contentment, Wilson argues, is living death, and what the majority takes for depression is a vital force. In Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, Wilson suggests it would be better to relish the blues that make humans people.

    Blue Wren also wonders about asking her grandsons in 70 years. The Climate guys are saying there will be several billion dead by then… I can guess perfectly well what her grandkids will think of us.


    “We” seem to be saying (and once again no offence intended) that effectively; head in the sand, do what’s best to make you happy, smile and consume a little less ???

    No offence taken and my head is most definitely not in the sand – I don’t think I would be following this thread with such interest if it was? – and by “happy” I don’t mean some kind of superficial feel good existence with no “trouble” – I just mean being mentally able to sometimes lay down the big questions for a while and enjoy what we have.Certainly agree there’s a place for melancholia too as the well spring for all manner of things. I am not at all sure that “melancholia” and “happiness” are mutually exclusive.We need another word for “happy” – it’s been trashed, same as “love”.( And no, the Bible doesn’t tell us to be “happy”.And yes, we have trashed “Eden”.)

    Here’s my question to Trandto.I am very nearly up to my alotted three score years and ten – although I hope to add at least another score to the total, but do I have the “right” to that hope? – and am thankfully in very good health, partly because I have been deliberately careful how I have treated my body,and I acknowledge that I have been enormously privileged to have had the choice. “For a good old age , start young! ” – so Trandto what do you think I should be doing in regard to the big questions? How can I do more than seriously think/read/talk about them, reduce all kinds of consumption where I can, and generally “tinker at the edges?”

    I know where every cent of our money goes . I am actively involved in local ie regional sustainability initiatives.I do grow some of our food – would be a whole lot more if it rained ……..and I guess that brings us back to the question….


    …….all so easy to write about ………..all so hard to do…..

    [url url=http://][/url]

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