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Open Garden in Adelaide this weekend

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    I just saw that in the news. It’s not far from where I used to live, & just around the corner from my Auntie’s place. I might try to visit sometime over the weekend – just to have a look around & see what I could do, if someday I can find the time.


    Id like to go, but I have man flu and feel bloody shocking


    We saw this on the news as well, it was a great story! I loved how they interviewed a couple from Hyde Park who commented on how inspirational it was! Just goes to show that there are people everywhere doing wonderful things, building community and encouraging others to do the same.


    Afternoon all,

    My family and I went this morning. I would have enjoyed it alot more if I didn’t have a cold and my daughters weren’t tired and grumpy from swimming 🙁 But the garden was fantastic, very inspirational and so much to see. So many variaties of amazing plants, mainly fruit trees, I would have never thought to grow in the northern suburbs. My husband came away thinking what types of fruit trees he could plant down the side of his shed and looking forward to the table grapes he now wants in the backyard 😛 and I think I’ll definately be ripping up the front lawn to plant fruit trees 😆 Looks like the gardens will be open again next year, as they had some “future/proposed sites”. Will be keeping an eye out for that.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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