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    We’ve made quite a few changes in the last year or so. We have always grown some veges & conserved water, eaten home made goodies rather than processed junky food, keeping chickens, using green bags etc, etc. But in the last 12 months or more, we have also started using “wee wipes”, no more loo paper, gone the no shampoo way, started growing & planting mainly food producing plants, composting, using washable sanitayr wear, moved to a very small town & designed a passive solar aka green home (using as much local & second hand material as we can get), which we plan to build within the next year, I have started grinding my own flour & we’ve been making our own cordial, gingerbeer & beer. Ive stopped using as much uneccessary packaging as possible, which is kinda funny if I have to visit a supermarket as any fruit & veg I buy is no longer in convienient baggies. I try to buy only organic &/or local produce if possible and if I have to go to a supermarket I choose an IGA instead of one of the chain giants. We use the car less or not at all for local outings, washing the clothes in home made goop, making soap & using natural & homemade cleansers salves etc, and I am contemplating homeschooling the children. There are other changes that dont come to mind right now.

    All in all Im pretty proud of my family for accepting all these changes I have insited apon & enjoying the journey with me.

    We move to our block where we are building by the end of the year & Im seriously considering “Not” getting a TV aerial. I have never been a big TV watcher, mainly documentaries & 1 regular programme that has become traditional to watch with my children whilst we all snuggle together on the coach as a before bed wind down. Even then I wonder if having no option of TV at all, even for 6 months or so might be beneficial to the children (& us). When we moved here we had no TV for 5 weeks, I thought it was great & the girls got over it in a very short space of time & began to play together in a whole new way & with much more tollerance of each other. It was great to see, & Id like to keep it going. I dont know how DH will cope, he loves his TV, something we have had our differences with since we first moved in together. (However, he has slowly been converting):lol:

    Any thoughts? Anyone think it might be too much for my DH to handle? he does love his news (ech:rip: doom, gloom, bad news stories & focus on the negative):lol::lol: I know I can turn it off or unplugg it but if its able to be turned on, its a little too tempting!


    Hey there – I grew up without a TV. Then I met DW and she is a TV addict. She will watch TV all day every day if she has half a chance.

    I have broached the ‘no TV’ issue a few times and lost each time. And that makes sense because as DW says – I am allowed to buy pushbikes and go on adventure trips. She doesn’t try to change me, so I shouldn’t try to change her.

    It’s a difficult one because as much as its nice to change together, perhaps it’s not right to want to change your partner and take away their choices about life. Even things like watching TV, which to you and me might seem like a really dumb choice.

    Having said that – if your DH is willing to come along on the no TV ride, then take advantage of it because your kids will benefit (sorry, can’t remember whether there are kids :shrug: ). We used to play games and talk and go outside to play (even at night). Whereas with the TV that’s the only entertainment that gets used.

    Having said that – there’s nothing wrong with chilling out in front of a TV show or movie (I refuse to watch news or crime or disaster TV so that’s not a problem).

    That’s prolly not much help, sorry.


    I don’t watch great deals of TV. Mostly docos and shows pertaining to our strive of clean green self sufficient lifestyle. and the odd movie here and there when I get the house to myself.

    But I guess at the end of the day I could live without it but not my music.


    I left my telly behind when I left NZ. I realised I was spending hours a day watching it – all those wonderful lifestyle shows about how to do this, and how to do that, but no time to do them because you were watching the shows. I survived 3 English winters without one – the first of which was in a flat with none of my possessions with me, and little to do. It was eye-opening how many things you can get around to doing once the telly is no longer acting as the svengali in the corner ofthe room seducing you into believing you are achieving something when clearly you are not.

    Maybe you and DW can agree certain programmes she really ‘has’ to watch and activities in those periods when she has agreed the programme is an optional extra. She may find she weans herself off it without you feeling you are browbeating her into it Herbman.

    A great idea Rene, I know my sister raised her two without a telly or a computer and they turned out just fine.


    We have a tv and watch it, but it isnt plugged in to the aerial and we wont install one when we build in a few years time. If there is a particular series or movie we like, we will get it on dvd. It is an added expense but we dont go nuts and we never go out for dinner, movies etc. We also have iinet so can watch ABC programs online whenever I want 🙂

    I find watching things on dvd is good because it encourages you to be conscious of what you are putting on. You actually have to decide what to watch, get up, put in the disc… whereas a few years ago I would just sit in front of the tv for hours and watch whatever came on! Also you have to spend your hard earned dollars so you will only buy things you REALLY want and then make the most of them.


    Our foxtel contract ran out in April, and I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough! I enjoyed having it, but I found that I was watching stuff just for the sake of watching it, and also because I figured that we were paying for it, so we should get our money’s worth!! The great thing about having just normal free-to-air tv has been the fact that there is often not that much on that we’d like to watch – we tend to watch dvds more often, and I agree you are more aware of how long you’re sitting down to watch them rather than zoning out 🙂

    Herby’s wife has a good point – he likes to go on treks and she likes her tv and they’ve compromised… I guess only you and your husband can tell if he’s going to survive without a tv! Maybe you could trial it and have a set time where you won’t have one, and then if at the end of that period he really thinks he can’t live without it, then it can be up for discussion again?


    I have to admit that I love doccos, & so does hubby. We usually end up getting the good ones on dvd anyway & hubby is movie mad so we have hundreds of movies too. Funny thing though that even with all those movies sometimes we cant find anything to watch:lol::lol:

    Im not wanting to change hubby, maybe he could put a little telly in the shed to watch the news though, it would kinda fix 2 issues in 1. News & TV:lol: even if the telly goes off after the news I find that while its on the girls gravitate to it & watch the silly ads, then we get all that talk about how they “need ” that particular toy or food. Mind you it falls on deaf ears, & we always say no & explain why we choose to do things differently, but it is kinda annoying. so is the silly jingles they

    end up singing:geek:

    Im not really anti tv all together, I was just hoping to form some better habits while there is “no choice” & hope that if we connect to an aerial later that the tv wont be such a novelty. I guess if they have to go to the shed to watch it might be like Nimrodel pointed out, everyone would have to be more conscious of what they choose to watch. It gets pretty cold here inthe winter so you’d need to be really keen on something to sit in the cold shed for an hour:lol:

    I know DH would be open to a trial period, so thats a good option. Thanx


    Hmmm must confess that I am a bit of a TV soap junkie and see it as my relaxation time. I don’t watch the news as it is so depressing so rely on others or the radio to keep me up to speed on world affairs.

    Good luck with your wonderful adventure, I do envy you.


    We have a TV but no aerial – we just watch DVDs. We like having family movie nights sometimes. For news I use the net – it’s much better because you get to read what you want to read, no wasting time on stories you’re not interested in. Perhaps you could ask DH if he’d mind giving web news a go for a few weeks and see how he feels about it? It’s pretty good – you get video clips too so you still get to see stuff. Sports is a harder one – I’m lucky my DH isn’t into spectator sports.



    I agree with kiwimama; if it is news that your husband is mainly interested I’ve found the best place is online, I reguarly check out online papers like the Los Angeles and New York times, India Times and some UK papers, as well as ABC and SBS.

    It’s made me realise how little we are told in the tele soundbite bulletins.

    We have tv but my 7 yr old just isn’t interested in watching it, except if he is sick, when it is really useful. He watched it when he was younger, but we rationed it to 30 minutes a day, with a bit more on weekends – so he had to make a choice about what he wanted to watch rather than just watching it for the sake of it – a routine he easily accepted.

    Maybe you could find a balance without getting rid of it completely?

    hope this helps



    Its a bit of a conundrum really. DH said he’s willing to trial it for a while with no aerial & is thinking on the idea of TV in the shed. DD 10 was very put out with the idea, “coz it will be too cold in the shed to want to sit out there for long” ahh my point exactly:lol:

    I will definately mention news online as an option too, he would love getting a whole lot more news info than what we see on the commercial stations.

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