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olive leaf extract

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    hi all you knowelagable people

    Does any one know how to get the olive leaf extract from the common olive tree. not sure if to make a tea from fresh leaves or dry the leaves or ????:shrug:

    I have heard it to be very good for a number of things, thought I might use my own leaves as we use no chemical sprays and the tree is healthy and bears lots of fruit.


    Hi Daksa

    we thought just make a tea – only trouble is now our olive trees died 😆



    Hi Daksa

    Tea sound good I think you would have to let it brew for a while so, because of the hardness of the leaf, we bought some olive leaf extract from mail order before ,it was sweet and bitter but palatable. and expensive. We are trying to find some sort of press to extract the oil , but they are not easy to come by. Sorry not much help to you at the moment


    what about blending them up with some water in a food processor and then sticking through a wheat grass juicer?

    does that sound totally dumb?? On our bottle it emphasizes it being FRESH.



    You need a jar of vodka, smoosh the leaves up a bit and leave them in the vodka in a dark place, agitate it every now and then, leave it for a month or so and you have OLE.


    thans for all the good sugestions, tea is good, but i foud i had to poun the leaves in a morta and pastel as just cutting them didnt release enough juce.dont know if its getting the goodnes out, maybe ceres your idea (although havent tried yet) makes a lot of sense at least if will feel like its doing me good. I will keep you informed on progress :metal:


    Ceres wrote:

    You need a jar of vodka, smoosh the leaves up a bit and leave them in the vodka in a dark place, agitate it every now and then, leave it for a month or so and you have OLE.

    Maybe have a bottle of leaves, and a bottle of vodka, after a month throw away the leaves and just drink the vodka!;)

    Nev (sorry:lol: )


    Found this on the internet, not sure how the smiley got in there I just copied and pasted.

    How to Make Olive Leaf Extract


    By Dena E. Bolton

    We all know that olive oil is one of the good oils. It helps to actually lower your bad cholesterol levels and raise the good. However, did you know that olive leaf extract is purported to have numerous health benefits as well? Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein, which is metabolized into elenolic acid—which has antimicrobial properties—by the digestive system. Health-care professionals are starting to see the promise in olive leaf extract as a treatment for common ailments, such as colds and flu, as well as certain chronic ailments, such as sinus infections. You can make your own olive leaf extract, using olive leaves from your own tree or by ordering them from various websites.

    Difficulty: EasyInstructionsThings You’ll Need:

    8 oz. of olive leaves

    1 gallon of water


    Cooking thermometer

    Glass container with lid

    Step 1Put 8 oz. of olive leaves and pour 1 gallon of water into your crock-pot. Turn the heat on “low.” (You want the heat to be around 175-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Because crock-pots can differ, use the cooking thermometer to check the heat after the crock-pot has warmed. Adjust the settings accordingly and test again after the crock-pot has had time to reach the new temperature. This can take around 15 minutes.)

    Step 2After the crock-pot has achieved the correct temperature, cover the mixture and allow it to simmer for 12 hours. Periodically check the water level and add a little more water if needed.

    Step 3After 12 hours, turn off the crock-pot. Allow the olive leaf extract to cool for five to six hours.

    Step 4Pour the finished extract into a glass container, seal and store in your refrigerator.

    Tips & Warnings

    Drink ½ cup of the extract two to three times daily. Olive leaf extract is especially good for daily use by people who are susceptible to colds and flu due to extreme stress.Some people may exhibit detoxification symptoms, including diarrhea, headaches, muscle and joint pains and fatigue. Discontinue use for a few days if these symptoms occur and then start again by drinking less of the extract. Consult your health-care professional or a certified herbalist before using.


    Drink ½ cup of the extract two to three times daily

    The extract you buy in health food shops tastes absolutely disgustingly foul and I cant imagine being able to drink half a cup 3 times per day. It would certainly be good for weight loss if everytime you wanted to eat something yummy you first had to down some olive leaf extract:rip::rip::@


    So true, its absolutely digusting, can’t imagine trying to drink 1/2 a cup of the stuff, yuk!!!


    wow thank you :tup: that is a briliant formila, I am going to try making it today. The tea is also unplesant to taste this way its made and of consistant strenght.

    will keep you updated on the usefulness and drinkability of the home made OLE. :wave:

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