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old sheets ?

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    i cleaned out my linen cupboard yesterday & i didnt realize how many old sheets & towels i had, nothing wrong with any of them just got new ones over the years & the old ones just got pushed further to the back never to be seen again {until yesterday}

    so my question is what can i use them for, i dont want to get rid of them, i want to give them another use so any ideas would be great:tup:


    Hi going Green,

    old towels make wonderful cleaning cloths, just cut them up into the sizes that you want, hem them if you want ( I would just zig zag around the edges) they make could dishcloths, good dusters, good washers, good rags etc

    old sheets, could make hankies, dusters, etc, smaller sheets, pillowcases,

    and I bet that there are a lot more ideas out there.



    Wee wipes?



    – bath mitts

    – washers

    – dishcloths

    – bath toys

    – heat bags

    – bath pillow

    – cut and make them into floor mats

    – menstrual pads inners

    – wrap around a broom for those naughty dust bunnies

    – bibs

    – spit rags

    – patchwork terry towelling robe

    – patchwork quilt

    I could go on but I will just be quiet now. :shy:


    patchwork terry towelling robe

    I like this one…if only I knew how to patchwork and sew :noapprove:


    Hankies – just cut to shape and edge

    Rag Rugs or Mats – Cut into strips either weave or knit

    Make into shopping bags (double thickness for strength)

    Lounge covers


    I read the other day about using plain old sheets as curtain linings.


    I use an old sheet as a tablecoth for the outside table, or for when the kids have a birthday party.



    – curtains when camping.

    – picnic blanket or beach blanket.

    – make flannel sheets into pyjamas

    – keep in the boot of car for transporting messy stuff.

    – covers for a pool table, exercise equipment, etc.

    – make dresses.

    – lining quilts

    – bandages.

    – napkins

    – tablecloths


    Our old sheets turn into scarves (for sun protection round the neck) and hankies. After this, they become rags. Some of the sheets are boiled, dried in the sun and packed in plastic for emergency aid round something that is bleeding for both people and animals. Soft cotton is fantastic to apply ointment to wounds etc. The older the sheet, the softer and when you are in the grips of a bad cold, they are soft for nose blowing.

    Cut up, they become bandages which are soft and can be thrown in the compost after use.

    Anyone not needing their old sheets is welcome to send them to me. I used to get some from the linen services that supply linen to the hotels and resorts. They retire them with lots of use still in them.


    – pillowcases/covers (not just for sleeping on, but also for the floor or the couch)

    – pet bed cases/covers

    – new pockets for jeans & other trousers, jackets etc

    – boot polishing rags

    – dust covers for stuff in storage or for while painting/drilling/etc

    – ripped into strips, redyed & crocheted or knitted into scarves, bags, gloves, beanies, home socks/booties

    – superhero capes

    – flags for pirates (or for other legendary flag waving peoples)

    – ghost costumes

    – toga costumes

    baringapark/Elizabeth, I’m sure that you could barter something amazing that you do or make or produce for someone’s patchworking & sewings skills! :tup: 😀


    i usually make rag rugs for the floor especially the bathroom

    wow there are so many ideas on here,also old towels make great burping cloths


    wow thats a great list :tup: thanks,

    bath mats & rag rugs are on the top of my list:)

    i have made rag rugs out of old t-shirts so i might as well give sheets a go


    Can someone tell me how you make rag rugs?

    Sounds like a great idea.:tup:


    i will see if i can find the link for you,i only have one for knitted rag rugs that i make out of old tshirts,etc and sheets etc

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