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OK. No mandala chook systems near Kingaroy.Anywhere else?

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    :jawdrop: lavman!!! That is AWESOME!!!! Well done! Just love your garden and setup :clap:


    Thanks baringapark, it’s very much a family concern with my son, who is doing a horticulture course, taking on a lot of the responsibility.

    We had two mandalas but found that it was too much garden for one family so we decided to only continue with one and a half mandalas and to use the other area for our worm farm which didn’t use to be in the garden at all. 😀

    Ok this is how it all works (most of the time) we have animals which we round up with a bit of grain and lock them up for the night, goats and sheep have a slatted floor that allows the poo to fall through.

    About once a fortnight we/some-one rakes and bags it up, it then goes into a 200lt drum and is soaked in water for about one month, being stirred when we think of it, I built a gantry with a pulley system

    that we use to lift the bags out with and I also use it to “stir” the bags,

    which is really just gently raising and lowering them.:rip:

    After a month the bags are raised above the liquid and allowed to drain over night, the liquid manure is transferred to another drum containing a tap and is then used on the garden or down the paddock on our other crops.

    The solids are then emptied into a worm farm, we have five bath tubs set up on legs about waist height, when the worms are finished with it there is no smell and it looks and feels like a beautiful loam. :hug:

    This product is then used to pot our small seedlings into which once big enough and after the chooks have been moved, get planted directly into the garden bed and that’s pretty much it. 😉


    The worm farms


    worm shed

    Shangri La

    Wow Lavman, your place looks amazing. We had a chook dome (Linda Woodrow’s) at our last place but the sloping land and exposure to wind took it’s toll and it started to fall to bits. Re the egg box – is that where they lay? Does that mean you don’t have to go in?

    Sorry, just re read it. We modified Linda;s drawstring opening and used velcro cable ties. A friend of mine reinforced her borders with timber off cuts for the same reason as you have done the concrete although the white ants would eat them eventually. Do you have to use a tarp as well for weather protection?


    Wow my DP is going to have a lot of work to do Thanks for the pics and the inspiration:metal:


    Lavman, your garden is magnificent!! Can I have it??? 😆 Seriously, great job!


    Shangri La here is a pic of the laying box from the inside, a birds eye view you could say and no we don’t need a tarp as the canvas is waterproof and the chooks are very sheltered from the elements and yes we do get frosts.

    I don’t know how long the roof will last, it’s been on for nine years and still looks good and it cost next to nothing and I figure even if I had to buy new canvas to make the next one, I would.

    jennifer g

    Awesome Kev! :tup:


    I definitely didn’t do as good a job as you lavman!!! That is truely awesome. Foxes aren’t a problem here where I am – if they start moving in they would probably start fighting the cats first… if they make it past the neighbours dogs. We get some frosts in SW Sydney, but nothing too severe. As we are on a 690m2 block with firm fences etc, the wind doesn’t get too fierce where the chooks are. The chooks perch under the tarp – You can’t see them from the same level when they perch. I was thinking of making a little slatted house (slatted so poo drops through) for warmth in winter, but haven’t got around yet. The Australorp can’t get right up to the top, so I have added a lower perch which she uses. Occasionally one or more will just sleep in the nesting box – I’ve seen about 5 trying to squeeze in one of the two at once before…. that would keep them warm.

    When planting the trees, try to remember to leave a space where you can move the dome on and off the mandala – pushing a mandala through trees or lifting it over is very wearisome!

    sue e

    that’s amazing! i would love a garden that looks like that- so pretty, neat and organized! :clap::clap::clap: how much land does it take up?


    Shangri La, the laying box from the inside. Hopefully the pic uploaded this time.

    Nope I give up.


    Lavman that’s just a superb system you’ve got going there… thanks so much for your wisdom and knowledge!!



    WOW! I get online at last at 10.00pm and have two whole new pages to look at! Thankyou guys and gals so much for all your ideas and especially lavman for all the great pics.Wonderful set up. I am truly encouraged, although hay bales on the skirt will be my concrete substitute. My pics will come I promise you.We have built a sturdier geodesic design dome and covered it with small mesh chook wire so the chooks can’t put their heads through to get bitten off. It happens. My long grass on all the chook sites looks exactly like that.Woo Hoo. Can’t wait to collect my chooks on 28th May.Two Barnevelders, one each of Cochin,Faverolle,Sussex, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Australorp and Rhode Island, plus one yet to be determined rooster.Was to have been a Barnie but so sadly he died defending his girls from a dog attack. lavman, with that egg box I think you don’t have pythons or goannas? We have both , and we often see foxes, but whether I am identyfying their sound correctly I don’t know. No , it’s not like a dog bark at all , just a short, repeated sound, obviously from a moving creature .(I’d love it to be a barking owl.I do have a bit of trouble identifying the night life around here – was a long time before I realised we had a love lorn koala up a gum tree not far from our bedroom window!What an astonishing noise – only a girl koala could love it!! )But lavman I’m going to give serious thought to a secure egg box reachable from the outside.Long handle on the water – brilliant. I’m no spring chicken getting into all this permaculture stuff. Quite a thought that my asparagus will likely outlive me!!!

    Once again everyone , thanks for all your posts.I’ll try for pics tomorrow.:D

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