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Oh what a night!!!

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    Last night we had the electricity go off (again – not unusual)

    But it was really really hot so the kids and I were sitting up reading by torch and candle light. DH and little DS were sleeping in pools of sweat.

    We heard the chooks make a ruckus so out we go to check (I had checked earlier that they were locked up in the coop)

    SO we get out there and the chooks are all on the ground running about banging into nest boxes, walls and each other. SO we approach cautiously – well me with 2 teenagers holding the back of my dress.

    We see a snake squeezing between the iron and the netting – that’s ok chooks still safe. Then I notice something shining ontop of the netting of the coop between the netting and the iron roof – another snake – bigger – has already squeezed into the area before the other one. :jawdrop:

    The one on the roof in GINOREMOUS – is at least 20cm across in diameter.

    The other snake is very dark and I am looking for patterns on it to work out if it is a carpet python or not – no markings at all.

    Suddenly the kids yell out that there is another snake:jawdrop::jawdrop:

    Just infront of me above my head….OMG……

    It is much smaller – more normal snake size (whatever that is???) and it too is a carpet python.

    Kids run to fetch DH from bed – but we decide then that it will be ok.

    Are we being invaded?? Middle DS calls from bedroom that something is popping -we remember kettle is on the stove. Chooks are safe in coop even tho they are frightened, so we go back inside. Turn off kettle and then I go to hallway bookcase to seek info on the other snake. I smell something…………I investigate….and….

    The candle in the bathroom has fallen over and has burnt the plastic panelling and melted the power point:jawdrop::jawdrop:

    DH is fetched from bed again (much mumbling this time:@) – we turn off the main switch just incase the power (by some miracle) should come back on. We change the power point over for another (I just happen to have spare sitting in the gadget draw ion the kitchen:lol:) – no probs – uhoh:o screw holes don’t match – will need to wait for power to come on to charge the cordless drill to drill the holes to put the point back on:shrug: So I tape the point to the wall and clean off all soot etc – there are 2 burn holes thru the plastic panelling I am yet to work out what to do about:rip:.

    Sometime after 10pm the power came back on and we had fans so we all went to bed -at last

    But golly heck – what a night :confused:


    Glad everything turned out okies… Except for the burn marks… :hug:


    You poor girl! How about a new timber top and ceramic basin? They are recycled all the time around here. Timber can be sanded, planed and oiled to come up like new if something goes wrong!!!:tup:


    Wow! Id be stacking my dacks i dont like snakes 😆


    😆 GM. Your a card 😆



    Thought you built a snake proof chook house…………………..amazing what tiny little gaps they can sqeeze through:p

    Where as the snakes thought you had built them a nice dry shed with food laid on:mad:


    omg i would be so freakin out:jawdrop:,i dread snakes all the time especially with huge rats everywhere around the house


    GINOREMOUS – is at least 20cm across in diameter.

    :jawdrop: Oh goodness me. :jawdrop: What a big night you had. 😮


    Oh blimey :jawdrop::jawdrop:

    I would be a cot case if that happened to me. BIG snakes are scary!!!

    Thank heavens you were back inside in time to catch the kettle and the candle from doing even more harm.

    “Oh what a night it was, it really was”



    Three snakes in one sitting is two too many for my taste – rather you than me! At least they were pythons – with any luck they will be full now and go to sleep it off somewhere …


    Oh no they did not get dinner – they all remainded hungry cos our snake proof pen appears to be just that. :tup::tup::tup:

    They all were on the outside.

    The smaller one and the larger one are both back tonight. The bigger one up on top again – he had his mouth stuck in the strike pose cos it got caught on the wire. After struggling for about 15 mins he got free. By 8pm the smaller one had called it quits and disappeared, the larger one was exploring over the iron wall.

    So far so good for the shelter anyway – chooks are scared out of their brains though. I too am petrified of snakes and even though they are pythons I still start to shake inside – when we first encountered them I used to shake uncontrollably – but I can’t touch them cos I nearly vomit:rip:

    toosusie – it’s the wall – thought some water resistant foundation in the correct beige type colour may cover the marks I can’t get off:shrug:


    Or decorate the whole wall with similar type marks and say it’s meant to be like that:tongue:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    goodness, How terrible was that. Did you actually get to sleep at all? I would not have been able to – seeing and feeling snakes all around me all night.


    :lol::lol: marigold

    well the snake saga continues

    The big one lost interest in the chooks but found sleeping ducks a good target.

    I heard the sqwark and dashed out in nightie, torch in hand (you know as you do;)) issuing instructions to DD to fetch another torch a then the rake. (Afterwards I felt I should have asked for a long handled shovel:@)

    He had one of the ducks by the neck and wing so I’m whacking him with a plastic rake (???:shrug:) thinking that the mouth would be busy but he did not have hold of her with his mouth. DD yelss at me that it’s near my foot (about 1 ft away) – I then did the highland fling and changed tack a bit

    (yes, you can get up off floor now RTB – that mental picture of someone with my phycsique or lack there of is :rol::rol:)

    so he decides he does not like the plastic rake battering him and slithers slowly off from around her neck while she lays there with her webbed feet flapping.:awch::rip:

    He (ALL snakes are ‘he’) slithers towards the orchard and I check the duck who seems to shake herself and quack and toddle off to the others:jawdrop::tup

    By then he was up the lime tree looking to go into the mulberry tree – no doubt to go hide in the bush to try again tonight :@:@- he must be getting very hungry by now

    They are magnificient creatures – if only I can get a decent pic but the netting ruins that or I am a bit busy:shrug::shrug: – but this is really getting to be a pain

    When I came back inside DD is sitting on chair inside door nearly retching ‘that was gross’ she exclaims” 😆 I pass her the torch so I can dry my feet and realize that I am shaking like a leaf:confused:

    DH was snoring peacefully in the bed:p:p


    :lol:………..Have mental picture of DD being embaressed at crazy mumma bashing snake in her nighty while doing the wet tropics version of a scottish sword dance ( using snakes instead of swords;))……………and actually telling all the world about it………..can see her rolling her eyes and groaning:p:lol:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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