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not the usual salad request!

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    My girlfriend made me this for dinner one night and its so simple, yet so yummy!

    Baby spinach leaves

    Roast pumpkin pieces

    toasted pine nuts

    and snow peas…

    … thats it! Very noice :tup:

    Oh.. if you burn the pumpkin a little its even noicer 🙂


    Grated beetroot and carrott 3/1 e v olive oil / balsamic vinegar onion whatever greens

    olives & greek fetta


    We’re suckers for Jamie Oliver. He does a yummy warm potato salad with cooked baby spuds, watercress (but you can use any greens like rocket, snow pea sprouts etc), avodado and a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and salt/pepper. Mix all together while the taters are still warm and they soak up the juices. Yum!


    Thanks all…

    Di.. Hi, hows it going? One day I WILL pop over to see you :shy: The spinach, fetta & walnut salad sounds good.

    Gianna.. That sounds yummy.

    I must say that I totally forgot about our humble roasted vegies!! Ofcourse I could do a salad with them. Duh!

    Michelle-sm.. I have used Quinoa before and found it yummy. Once again my memory seems to have forgotten these foody facts!

    Kiewiet.. I am not too sure about having watermelon in a salad as yet, but I DO need to think outside the square at the moment. Who knows, hey?

    Wendy.. Most vegies I hope have died before I start to use them in a salad 😆 (yes, I know you meant diced!!)

    Edensgate.. I do like the paprika mayo you mentioned…

    Dags41v.. Jamie Oliver is a fav too. I don’t have any books of his, so I might see on the net.

    Thanks again to all. I prefer to ask people of the tried and true recipes as I am a bit unsure of just looking up on the net (don’t know if they will turn out or not).


    Mon :hug:

    Bubba Louie

    I do a potato salad that’s a bit different.

    Boiled halved chat spuds, olive oil, chopped black olives, a generous amount of chopped parsley and mint, S & P. Amounts are pretty flexible.

    Good quality salt flakes make a difference if you have any.

    I’ve had the watermelon and feta salad too and it’s really good.

    Tabouli always goes down well.


    Roast Beetroot

    Tin green lentils

    soft goats cheese or crumbled fetta



    And a dressing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic and good spoonful of honey,

    Dice beetroot into biggish chunks

    Stir through drained lentils and parsley and mint

    Crumble goats cheese or fetta over the top

    And finally, put dressing ingredients in a jar and shake until combined. Then pour over salad.

    Tastes best when made a couple of hours before so all the flavours have a chance to ‘mingle’.



    One I have lurking in my collection is:

    new potatoes, boiled

    raw zucchini

    raw red onion

    raw red capsicum

    cut the spuds in quarters, slice the raw veg thinly and mix together.

    The dressing that goes with it is 1/4 cup low-fat mayonnaise, 1/2 cup spreadable cream cheese and 2 tbsp seeded mustard – you could probably use something lighter and it would still work well.

    Hubby’s not a fan of leafy salad vegies but will eat salads based on cold cooked veg – including this one.


    Sliced strawberries with baby spinach leaves ,virgin olive oil and the best balsamic you can afford ,some cracked black pepper and a little red onion . Toss gently.

    Roasted pumpkin cubes served on spinach leaves tossed with toasted pine nuts ,red onion and some fetta or goats cheese ,and an oil dressing .

    Shredded wombok , grated carrot ,shredded chicken and lots of coriander ,mint ,and vietnamese mint with a sweet and sour dressing using oil ,lemon or lime juice ,fish sauce ,brown sugar ,garlic and chilli and some rice vinegar .


    Also substitute herb leaves for ordinary lettuce. Basil and other herbs make a lovely addition to any salad.

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