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    Eira Clapton

    I have recently left a position which I held for over ten years and taken up a contracted project officer position which will last for two years.

    Most people can’t understand why I would do that.

    I feel as though I am now at the fortunate stage in life where job security is not as important to me as job satisfaction. We have nearly paid off the house, our kids are close to being independent. We don’t need to have as much money as we did once.

    When this job ends I would like to be part-time so that I have more time to play and live doing the things that make me content, including voluntary work.

    I am happy to have variety in my work placements, and would be happy doing short-term contracts and having mini-holiday/work breaks between them.

    Yet I am definitely not RETIRING. I just have reached a stage where I want different things from work than I did before.

    Anyone else made this discovery?


    Yep I have had a 12 month sabbatical, what seemed important a year ago is trivial now. I haven’t been wasting my time, I have done numerous courses (some to look good on a resume and some to fulfil a lifelong wish)

    I am starting to look around at the moment, but only in low stress jobs. I really am just looking for long term security in employment.


    I’m semi-retired, well, probably all-but retired to tell the truth. When retirees get together a common remark is, “How the hell did I ever find the time to go to work and earn a living when there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do in retirement?” Many go on to say they wish they’d chucked paid work in a lot earlier than they did.


    I have quite a chequered job history as I have worked in areas that interest me and have been quite happy to get by on very little. For me, the quality of life is extremely important as I do not do well in high pressure/stress environments.

    One family member is a workaholic who took every bit of overtime offered, was taken advantage of by other staff and devoted 42 years to the one company. For what? Now he is unwell they couldn’t care less!

    Do what makes you happy, work takes a large amount of our lives but it shouldn’t BE your life.:)


    Interesting isn’t it, how our perspectives change with time. I have had eight months of not working at all and have loved it. I will be resuming work on a casual basis once I have the house fit to work from, but really I reckon 3 consultancies a year will be more then sufficient to keep me off the breadline and about as much intrusion on my new life as I could take. I think if you can, then keeping on in some sort of work that engages your brain and takes you out of your routine is good for the soul, and maintaining mental acuity and conversational diversity. But beyond that, I would be happy to just live the good life these days … If I could win lotto I would be happy to keep myself occupied with what I am doing right now.

    sue e

    this is a fortuitous thread for me to be reading as i have 3 weeks to go til i start my long service to take me through to end of feb and then retirement. have to say i am having little anxiety attacks HBG for exactly the reasons you describe;”mental acuity and conversational diversity”. although i love my home and garden and my art and crafty stuff it has been something that i have only done when i had time so was always a joy. but am not so sure about only having these things to do. i guess i feel that with only good stuff to do how will i know when i am having a good time? without the contrast between work and play i am a bit afraid it will all blur into a nondescript grey. :confused::|


    I do not think anyone will be lying on their death bed thinking

    “I wish I had worked more”

    more likely the opposite.

    I have been running my own business for the last 15 years, only doing those jobs that I wanted to (and interested me)


    No greys here Sue. You just have to work on it a bit more. Make time to go out and do something different.


    The greys are there for me, I must admit. I considered quitting, but have decided I want the contrast (and comfy $) of parttime work instead. That’s going to be a satisfying medium for me. It helps that I adore the work I do.


    I tried the full-time work thing once for about.. hmm.. 4 years (two different jobs).. but the best work I’ve ever done was casual nightfill position at Coles with my husband. That was neat, because we worked about 3 or 4 days a week, usually together, good rates, and a really relaxed lifestyle. You know, I turned down a full-time job opportunity (TWICE! They called back to make sure I was sure I didn’t want the job!) to work casually at Coles, and I really really don’t regret it.

    Of course, my health has played a big part in being able to work or not over the last 4 or 5 years now.. Marty and I were both unemployed for the last year – starting our own business a few months ago – but we didn’t sit around doing nothing. It’s a full-time job doing everything you want to be doing, too! Working in the garden, around the house, cooking and cleaning and maintaining..

    Marty recently got a full-time job (for the money) and I miss him every day. He feels he needs to, so maybe we can get a property some day and move on. It’s sad, but hopefully it won’t be for long. I’m working almost full-time keeping up with everything that needs to be done here – cooking, cleaning, being a domestic goddess.. 😆 Only joking!

    I’d completely recommend putting life before job. I’ve been really blessed in the 4 years I’ve been with Marty, because we share the same values and are happy to get by with very little money. There are certainly more important things in life.. except when you want to purchase property, unfortunately.


    I have worked full time part time casual run a cafe etc

    Now I merchendise for a bread company. Though an easy job its an early start. I would rather be home full time. Having a 3 1/2 year old around my days are full. I also belong to a craft club at the local church.

    I wondered how I went back to school and did full time work when the boys were younger. I know I was 30 years younger as well.

    I work with a woman and her husband is duty manager for Woolworths they just sold their 2 extra houses as they were fed up with dead beats the land agents put in them. She works 7 mornings aweek and her husband has as many hours as he can grab. They never go away on holidays, both have huge supers and are both near retirement. When I asked them why are they busting their guts fro the company they said they can’t afford to retire. They own their own home. new cars. They just spent $40,000 on a new kitchen, yet won’t spend the money, to get custody of their granddaughter. They let their daughter go through the courts with Legal Aid. With the fear that their daughters X partner who is a drug addicted can get time with thsi little girl.:@


    I have the good fortune to be a registered nurse so have both job security (I can always find work if I need to) and flexibility (lots of ways of working).

    Some of my best times are when I work as a casual nurse at a variety of places. Each of them is pleased to see me when I arrive as I’ve saved them from working short and I learn lots from working with a wide range of people.

    It can also be very stressful; everyone does even simple things, like turning patients, slightly differently so working smoothly is a challenge and unless you have a good buffer, the lumpiness of work can make finances tricky.

    I like part time work but always seem to end up working a lot more hours than I’m paid for, to catch up with meetings or training needs. I love the feeling of being part of a team on an ongoing basis.

    I spent several years building up a fruit tree farm, not working offsite at all and had a great time, lots of thinking, learning, doing, thanks to the ‘net. But I missed a lot of things about nursing, so returned a couple of years ago.

    I was recently asked to consider fulltime work, and I did, for several days. I can’t imagine how I’d fit in all the things I really want to do and am at a stage in life where I need my energy more than their money.

    Interesting thread, thanks for raising the issue, I think it’s clarified things for me.


    A year ago I made the switch from full time admin/personal assistant work to part time/casual aged care and I have never been happier. My DH2b was working full time but since we moved recently he is unemployed but what I am earning is enough to cover expenses until he finds work (preferably only 4 days a week). We both love having the time to spend together and enjoy our hobbies and thanks to still being renters and no kids yet, plus spending as little money as possible, we are getting on quite nicely. Our only concern is that it may be difficult to get a mortgage when we are ready because apparently the fact that we personally spend very little money is irrelevant – the bank works out the figures based on an ‘average’ (read, consumerist) familys spendings. Wtf? :@


    I have been working full time for most of my life. Currently I’m on a 6month contract due to expire soon. They have asked me to go permanent which I am happy about but I really want to be part time. Hopefully they will agree. Having done my budget I will probably need to have a boarder to help pay the mortgage but at least I will have more time to do the things that interest me.


    but the best work I’ve ever done was casual nightfill position at Coles with my husband. That was neat, because we worked about 3 or 4 days a week, usually together, good rates, and a really relaxed

    I did dawn fill at Coles and the pay was terrible, about $18 per/hour and they worked you like a slave. :tdown:

    I haven’t worked fulltime since I was a teenager, always part-time or casual. I can’t imagine having a job that I loved enough to want to work fulltime, life is too important to spend the majority of your waking hours making money for someone else.

    I now work casual in the most stress free job I’ve ever had for a great company. The hours can sometimes be odd but the pay rate is great so I don’t mind so much. Because we are Union run my job is really secure, I would have to have a really major stuff up to be sacked.

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