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    I was lucky enough to get the right ratio of bi-carb etc for my type hair, right from the very beginning – I’ll never go back to bought shampooes either


    I’ve tried to go without shampoo, like others, my hair is too oily. I am unable to use the products sold in the supermarkets but came across Natures Quest from the health food shop (also in chemists I believe) and now use that. I bought a litre bottle for $20, it has a pump on it and I’ve worked out that I only need about three squirts of the pump which is less than 5ml. The list of ingredients that it doesn’t contain is just about as long as the list of ingredients it is made up of and I have found it to be so mild that I don’t need to use a conditioner! Depending on how often I wash my hair the bottle should last me about a year and I’m quite happy with that. The scent is citrus which I thought was unusual and I find it to be a very faint scent which is nice after the gross and overpowering “smell” of the supermarket brands.


    P.S. the bottle says that it’s made right here in Adelaide! 🙂


    I was just wondering how everyone is going with the “no poo” challenge. I originally tried the bicarb switch and wasn’t happy with how it was working for me. However, I really wanted to decrease the chemicals in my hair products. So, for the past six months, I have been using organic castille soap (as my shampoo) with apple cider vinegar (as my rinse/conditioner). I have also been using coconut oil occasionally (as my deeper conditioner) and a good hair brush (essential for success – IMHO).

    I have been very happy with the ACV and the coconut oil (and will definitely keep these going). But, I haven’t been so happy with the castille (as my hair always feels coated – which it is with good oils – but I just can’t quite adjust to the texture). However, with that said, my hair is healthier than before I started (I have less split ends and a lovely sheen). I definitely can’t go back…

    So, after reading this thread again, I think I may finally be ready for the bicarb… Wish me luck :tup:


    :wave: Hi all

    treetopdreaming .. its been over 8 months since I last posted in this thread, which means close to 5 years now my hair hasn’t seen shampoo – and only the bicarb soda / vinegar rinse. Most of the time I was in uniform, so scrappy hair or dandruff would have been noticed and commented on by my senior officers.

    Depending on your hair type, it may take a different period than others. I think I took around 4 weeks before I got comfortable with it. I’ve not looked back or regretted it since.

    Give it another go. :tup: and best of luck too ..


    I’m with Andre and the others. I use bicarb followed by cider vinegar rinse and sometimes yoghurt for conditioner. My hair has never been softer, shinier or healthier and I’ll never go back to shampoo either. Maybe you were using too much bicarb? I use about a tablespoon in a cup of warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in half a cup of warm water. You might need more or less of each for your type of hair, but definitely worth giving it another try IMHO :tup:


    Hi Andre and casalenta. Thank you for your updates. I’m glad to hear it’s been going so well for so long! Just the motivation I needed 🙂


    Just to support the ‘no poo’ folk, I have washed my hair with carb soda for some years now, just a tablespoon in my hand as I step into the shower, add a bit of water as I wet my hair and hey presto instant shampoo.

    I use coconut oil as a conditioner, just rubbing a bit through my hair. On the odd occassion I feel my hair needs a thorough conditioning I rub a lot of coconut oil into my hair and scalp, leave it for a while then wash out.

    I clean my teeth with carb soda and also make my deodorant from a carb soda and cornflour mixture.

    Talcum powder for me is cornflour with some added essential oils.


    .. this works

    Here is an article on dry shampoo..


    I like the idea of the dry shampoo, will try that one out, thanks Humbug


    Humbug post=356211 wrote: .. this works

    Here is an article on dry shampoo..

    That’s a new one on me so thanks for that link Hummers. :tup:



    Just to bump this up, this is something I have never been able to accomplish.

    As a kid it was once a week was hair washing night, as a “grown up” its pretty much every day…and i think because it has been every day if I miss a day or two my hair just becomes this oily mess.

    This week I thought maybe I could ease my way into this, shampoo every second day, then every third day.

    Well this is now day three and I resisted the urge to grab the shampoo this morning, only using water….and I am still alive, and able to go out in public!!!!

    I would really love to avoid using shampoo (and still being able to live in the “normal” world), but would be happy with a once a week shampoo.

    Is there anyone else out there who has successfully made the change, or who is looking at doing it?


    Vanessa this came at a good time or maybe a week or so earlier might have been good lol.

    I was shampoo free for 12 months using bicarb and vinegar and my hair was fine, but I think I got lazy mixing the bicarb and vinegar up all the time and went back to shampoo.

    Anyway I am on holidays at the moment (unemployed holidays), so good time to experiment with just water, maybe a little apple cider vinegar and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the reminder…


    No problem Kristy,

    Sorry to hear you are unemployed at the moment.


    My scalp flared at some stage in the past years with some sort of dermatitis (nothing, yucky or flakey, just sore!) and I started the no poo method, which kind of worked… but I did need to wash each day. I’ve actually since determined that it’s something about conditioner that flares it up and makes my scalp hurt. So I use the Natures Botanicals (no “nasties”) shampoo, but ACV and water for conditioner. As I have frizz prone hair, I bought a leave in treatment from Lush and brush just a smidge (ie dip my finger tip in) through my hair and that seems to help with the frizz, and my scalp doesn’t hurt.

    I can now leave my hair unwashed for 2-3, maybe 4 days without my scalp hurting! If I’ve forgotten to mix the ACV and water, I’ll use a bit of conditioner, which is ok for one or two days until my scalp hurts.

    I put 1/4 of a cup of ACV into a 500mL tomato sauce bottle and fill the rest up with water and squirt it into my hair as needed. 🙂


    Almost 5 and a half years for me now.

    Not touched shampoo or conditioner at all since those ‘heady’ earlier days! 😆

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