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"No 'Poo"

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    For those that use no shampoo I have a couple of questions!! 😉

    I want to stop using shampoo…I never wash my kids hair and dH occassionally washes his hair….so now it is my turn to stop using shampoo!

    I have changed my hairstyle so I no longer wear my hair spikey – so no styling products to wash out!

    I have read the posts and articles and can see that people are using either bi-carb and ACV or a yoghurt rinse.

    Can you please give me the quanties of what you use…

    Eg is it 1 tbs bi-carb to 1 cup of water?

    How much apple cider vinegar do you use to rinse??

    How much yoghurt to warm water do you need??

    Are you using the wet facewasher to comb the hair??

    My hair is pretty short so if anyone has short hair and any experieces would love to hear!



    m2t I have short hair and haven’t used shampoo for over a year now. I do nothing but wash my hair vigorously under the shower and towel dry and my hair has never been healthier or cleaner! Very occasionally [before a special occasion etc.] I used a conditioner – just put in my hair at the beginning of my shower and inse it out at the end. I confess i did this a little more often when I first stopped using shampoo – until my hair felt less skanky.

    Actually – I think the skankiness was mostly in my mind as I was a bit selfconscious about not using at first.

    BTW, I have no problem with egg, yoghurt, vinegar, rosemary, chamomile etc. i just don’t get around to doing it, and don’t seem to need them.


    So by ‘washing’ your hair you just srub your hair with fingers and the shower water….no other products used/??


    Yep – that’s what I do. By this method it will be a bit over-the-top oily for a while until your scalp settles down, but then it will be easy to style and will feel like it has a lot of body but soft and shiny. I used a yoghurt rinse (1tbsp yoghurt in 1 cup of warm water) when I felt like the oil was getting too much for me. I don’t use washer on my hair but I do give it a good rub when drying. Now I don’t worry about the yoghurt rinse. Haven’t used shampoo since November.


    I *so* want to do this, but I’m terrified of the manky/oily part that happens – considering I wash my hair daily now otherwise it looks ick.

    Roughly, how long does it take for the scalp to settle down?


    fmll, I’m terrified by the idea too. I used to wash my hair daily and now only do it every third day. It took a while to get used but I did. I’ts probably time to stretch it to every fourth day now.

    Maybe you could try doing something similar, just change to every other day for now, then when you get used to it, stretch it out a bit more etc…..


    Ok….I start tomorrow so I will be really interested to see how my hair goes!

    I have also stopped colouring my hair, no more styling products and now no shampoo – People will not belive me if I tell them that I am a hairdresser:D


    I stopped using shampoo about 3 weeks ago, and it is still heavily in the oily stage. One advantage, it combs out very easily 😆

    I have long hair, that seems to be getting more wave in it as I get older.


    My hubby has long curly hair and hasn’t used shampoo regularly in years – he only occasionally does if he has been under a car or bus with grease and oil and such. He uses nothing except water and combs it out under the shower. Has also found that his bald spot has stopped growing – it was getting very large and now he has not seemed to have lost more for ages, which he attributes to lack of chemicals. Which is good cause any bigger and the clippers were coming out… But oddly for someone so against chemicals, he smokes… ?

    I have very long thick hair and have also not wanted to go through that oily stage while I was working. My plan is to go ‘poo-free while I am home with baby. So no one will care what my hair looks like!


    I’ve been wearing my hair in a plait a lot in the last 3 weeks 😉


    I’m also a oily hair daily washer. Sure part of the oiliness is from being washed so often, but I hate it not clean. When we go camping, I’m fine but constantly wear a hat and wash it as soon as I get home. Even after a week, it’s still yucky. Can I overcome this??????


    What happens through summer or when you are sweaty and stinky…. I can’t stand the feel/smell of my hair when this happens…. How long before it settles down….


    I have very oily hair and dandruff what a combination!

    I found out it can take up to 6 weeks for the hair to settle down although with mine it was about 4. I am finding the dandruff is less as well. I use warm water NOT hot and my hair is looking better then it has for along while. I do have shampoo in the house as DH and the kids tend to get car oil and goodness knows what but it rarely gets used.


    If you can give it three months – that’s only twelve weeks – and we are getting to the cooler part of the year too.

    I am a reformed daily hair washer too – with oily hair (from some good Matlese stock :lol:). It does feel icky at first and it is strange to have the larger quantity of water drip down your back after a shower (cause the oil repels the water) but after the settling in, it feels softer than before and with more body.

    I don’t use styling products anymore because my hair will sit how I like without spray or gel. I used to use spray and gel everyday.

    I think the best part of this is that it actually gets easier as you go. You tell people and they ask how it is going and by the time you are halfway there, you are thinking, ‘well, I’ve come this far, might as well stick it out’. Then one day you stop noticing that your hair feels icky and you start noticing how soft it is.

    It might help some people to give the hair a good brushing before going to bed. And the yoghurt wash thing is actually better the day after you wash it.


    I have really long hair & have extended out to washing it only once a week or even sometimes once a fortnight.

    Not using conventional shampoos & conditioners has helped a lot in reducing the super gunky oiliness. I’m currently using a natural shampoo soap bar to wash down near the scalp & then once it’s rinsed out, I use conditioner on the ends of my hair only (otherwise, using conditioner, my scalp gets super itchy & gross very quickly! :rip: ). Other things haven’t worked so far, in curbing the splitting at the ends (my hair is down to my hips right now).

    I wouldn’t mind having oily hair & letting it balance itself out, but a) work wouldn’t look well upon that & b) unless I treat the ends of my hair with something, it starts splitting like crazy. So.. i’m gradually working my way to not needing any kind of washing substance to clean my hair & scalp. Hopefully once I shave my head of this tremendous amount of hair, it’ll be easier to achieve! :tup:

    I have a question: I’ve been trying to find a good thick hair brush (like the ones that my grandmother may have had.. large ‘head’ with many many soft bristles) to naturally oil/condition the full length of my hair with it’s own ‘product’. Does anyone know where to get that type of hairbrush?

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