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    Oh yeah They are strickly for the chunky chicks:lol: like me 😆


    Whats this obsession with BUMS dont know who started it probably Tully:lol:now Bobs is addicted Goodlifer gone troppo wearing no knickers now Kmart have an advert on knickers with a bum bum song:jawdrop:and worst of all showing off how big your luggers are:o well Im jealous you need magnifying glasses to find mine:lol:



    That’s thrice you’ve made me smile tonight Jeanie :hug:


    That website has some nice bras! Might have to try some…

    Meanwhile, I have been given a kikoy – a Kenyan sarong made of cotton. It can be a skirt, a dress, a scarf, you name it. Take a look here: I’m not suggesting that you buy one, but they are very nice to get around in when it is hot – knickers or no. Most sarongs I’ve seen are partly synthetic.

    Now, some clever person might just be able to make an Aussie version hmmm?

    Good Lifer

    I want a kikoy!! Ooo, but don’t wanna pay that much… the little shifts look nice. And the sarongs.

    I’ll wait for that clever person to make the Aussie version… make mine green please.

    Apparently a radio station has started “no-undies Monday”… sheesh… stealing our ideas now. Or maybe this thing has spread faster and wider than we ever could have imagined… YEE HAR!!! 😀


    Meanwhile, I have been given a kikoy

    Now, some clever person might just be able to make an Aussie version hmmm?

    Yeah, an Aussie version would be called a Kick-Arsarong 😉


    :lol::lol::lol::lol: I love it Tully!:lol:


    If ya buy a noice long piece of material and hem it top and bottom that’s an ozarong.

    Cheap, easy and as beeeuuteiful as ya wants t make it.

    Jeanie dear, it wasn’t Tullsee akcherly I rather think it was someone else and …..ummmm….errrrrrr…..:shy: ….me who got goin wif the bums.

    Lots of floks like em. See. It’s quite a nice looking bum, obviously a young bum cos it wouldn’t hang half way down the back of y legs like sum old ones do.

    Akcherly that’s a VERY IMPORTANT reason why I can’t go all airy fairy wif a nekid bum cos my knickers have to hold my bum up from draggin on the ground.



    Yeah, it was her!!!


    Hooray! I don’t have to let it all hang out after all

    Kirsty is my hero



    OK, Ive had a look at Kikoy & Lisa`s & I think I can offer a range of most of this stuff & somewhat cheaper.

    I shall PM PiO about a flea market stall.( Your fault Tully!!)

    I AM experienced at this.

    Will take a little time to get organised. I will be offline for a few days ,too.

    So, let me know if U are interested & what U are interested I can get the ball rolling.


    purplehat wrote:

    Aaah, I see.. they don’t seem to cater for my slightly less voluptuous bum. :shy: *sigh* Bummer, they do look comfy thou!!

    Some of the other undies are in smaller sizes too. 🙂


    :clap: Woohoo Shirley :clap:

    Aussie made underbits :metal:


    Only wear knickers once a fortight when we go to town .I live in fisherman pants .still can hear my grannies admonishments about good knickers in case you get hit by a bus:lol:so I guess I’ll keep wearing them when I go to town:shy::shy:


    Stopped wearing knickers when I got a a little dermatitis and never started again. Aah the freedom, the saving in money and now no bra as well – If I leave the farm I put on a bra only because hubbie thinks I’m too old to go into town braless. But and not for everyone – a few years ago I had my breasts reduced from a HH to a B cup and now have very little boobs – quite frankly told surgeon to get rid of the lot but he looked aghast. Obviously these surgeons are not used to dragging around 4 – 5 kilos on their chests in summer!

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 144 total)
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