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    :shy: sorry guys, wont be joining in this challenge…………i wear shorts or pants and find the seams rub in the wrong places without knickers:confused:……………….but DH is happy to do the challenge:tup::D


    Oh Broni come on, express yourself!!


    I’m with you Broni – bra for formal occasions like mail run and town:lol: I save heaps by not wearing them at home – extends the life no end.

    I usually go without at night too but during the day I am afraid that working outside with the creepy crawlies – I am not willing to risks an intruder up the leg of my shorts:jawdrop:, so they will stay on during the day.

    I also wear them until ‘you can shoot peas thru them’:shy:


    Goodlifer, like your idea, its been hot lately in my neck of the woods and as it happened I ran out of undies so I Free Balled for a couple of days and it feels great. Its to hot to run so there’s no pendulum problems just the odd flys eyes when wearing shorts but what the hell its only a scrotum.

    George Russell, that’s the best damn post on ALS in a good long while, thanks for the laugh!!! :lol::clap::lol::clap::lol:

    I don’t need to do much to meet your challenge GL, I haven’t bought undies in years (I do own some little black Bonds as it happens, and sometimes wear them when we go to town 😆 ) and hate bras with a passion, so, I’m in :metal:


    what are knickers? Never wear them at home already, bras are the instruments of the Devil, rarely wear them.

    Mum used to have to remind us to put undies on before we left home 😆


    Lee, not wearing knickers at night doesn’t actually help the cause….you just shouldn’t buy new ones!! Now, George Russell, I have no idea what a fly eye is, and I don’t need to be enlitened!!!! Obviously I’ve been hiding under a rock all me life? Good Lifer – I think that you’ve started something here. We’re suddenly all admitting to wearing no knickers or if we do they are threadbare!! of course, we do have some bonds for those special occasions. Just waiting now for a comment from mt.ben……..where is he?? he’ll love this one!!


    I checked my Bonds undies and they are all made in China already but the chesty bond singlets are made in Aus so I will vow to stop wearing them.;)


    Good luck, knicker free people! I won’t be joining this one… I live in shorts and denim. I’d love to wear more skirts, but it doesn’t suit the work I do…

    George – thanks for that! I got a lovely picture!:D


    Count me in!


    Uh oh!!!! :jawdrop: I just had a thought! Maybe it’s DUE to all of us no-knicker-wearing-or-buying floks that the comapany’s gone broke!!!!!!!!!!!!:jawdrop: Maybe we need to mend our wicked ways pronto, to pull them from the mire and get those poor people their jobs back!


    I think all you people that are not going to wear nickers should let the media know so they can get pictures of bare backsides. Saying how no chinese nickers will enter your homes. Also let it be known that this is for Australian jobs and all Australians should not wear imported nickers. :tup::tup::tup:

    I think this is a good idea. :o:o:o



    I’m thinking I’m gonna join this cause…. I hate wearing friggin undies…. i think my who who should be allowed to breath on a regular basis….. the only problem I have is the bra thing…. my puppies are on the rather etremely large size (H size) I have done pj days on the weekend and if I don’t chain up the puppies my back pays for it the next day….. I do let the puppies roam free from the time I get home from work if that helps…

    So is it OK if I just participate 50% like??


    Under the circumstances Lynnie, I think it’s advisable for you to hang on to your bra, at least until you give back that other woman’s share of boobies that you got by mistake. She must be looking everywhere for them. 😆


    Ohhh your all feral! what would the ambulance driver think if you were run over by a bus?

    That was the reason to wear clean undies every day, according to my mum:confused:


    yes lynnie, we don’t want you to have black eyes:jawdrop: may be a bit tricky explaining that one to others:shy:


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 144 total)
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