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No Electricity Fridge

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    3 and 1/2 min video on a thermodynamic fridge.


    Great idea, but has there been any followup?


    Sounds great, would love to get one.



    Wow. What a great idea! I hope someone takes it up and starts building them…

    Meanwhile, I am thinking seriously about a chest fridge:


    osakasuz wrote:

    Wow. What a great idea! I hope someone takes it up and starts building them…

    Meanwhile, I am thinking seriously about a chest fridge:

    That is great! any knowledge how the internal storage is set up?

    I think some storage system similar principle to those large rooms made for storing files, where the filing bookcases pack up against it’s neighbour except for the bookcase you need, made out of some good airflow shelving.

    Osakasuz, would you convert a existing freezer with a new thermostat?


    What I am aiming for is a 210L unit. This will fit two baskets across the top and will also fit into my exisiting fridge cavity. In the top baskets you would store all the stuff you use most often. In the bottom would go things like beer, extra milk, condiments you don’t use everyday, that sort of thing. That’s how I figure it.

    I am trying to source a secondhand one which is reasonably new and then get the thermostat off that guy (if he still sells them, I emailed him today).

    I am also trying to live, now, without a freezer as doing it this way would mean we would be freezerless. Not a huge deal for me as I am minutes walk away from lots of shops with their own freezers. 😀 Slowly using up all the frozen things at the moment.

    I thought about no fridge but, as my mum pointed out, it is really hard in summer. I think this is the best solution.


    beer in the bottom compartment 😮

    great idea Suz.

    In my Hippy dreams I would have the fridge in a root cellar. Less work for it to do. Getting too it I have to figure out, maybe a dumb waiter or build the kitchen side of the house into a hill…

    maybe you could have a regularly used esky in the kitchen and move ice up to it each day….

    We pay a lot for convenience when we would save a lot by making small concessions.


    We live in a house on stumps, so the other idea we had was to make a floor vent under the fridge to allow cool air from under the house to come up. This would also help it to work more efficiently.


    Hi Dave,

    I downloaded the video on the No Electricity Fridge, (took 3 hours on my great high speed Internet connection) and it sparked a few ideas. It is obviously based on some well know technology involving using Ammonia and water as a liquid refrigerant. Similar technology as found in a gas absorption type fridge which you may find in many caravans etc

    Has anyone had any experience with this type of technology, it could be used to make a “cool room”. Something we will most certainly need in the future. A no electricity Cool Room.

    Food for thought…


    Aunty Pearl

    Couldn’t get the video to load….

    But found this…..

    Dunno how it works, anyone know?


    Osakasuz – did you get a response about the chest fridge conversion unit? I really want to order one but got ripped off once before ordering something over the net (a water saving device) and never seeing the product or my money again so have been a bit nervous about ordering anything…..i really think this sounds good and would love to get one.




    here’s a link to another source of these thermostats that was in this months renew

    they don’t have the details on their website but according to the mag they do offer one of these units for sale $200 plus postage

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