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    Hi, I currently live in the central highlands of the Moorabool region but after 16 years am about to move to the Central Goldfields region onto 20 acres. I have wanted for the past decade to move to a simple life as the town i live in now has become a popular City transit town with many moving here from the Melbourne suburbs. Problem is I have no idea – we are moving from 6 acres of town land which we did have horses and goats on for a while but really only had a garden to 20acres…. where to start? I am hoping that I can draw guidance from this site and the members here. I am so looking forward to the change- although concerned about the solar water and combustion stove that I will need to learn to adapt to LOL. I look forward to learning and growing into my new life. Any suggestions of the first steps and what we should consider would be appreciated.




    Welcome to ALS Jill. :wave:

    There will loads of helpful advice from lots of lovely people on here.

    Goodluck with your move and have fun.


    Wishing you all the best in your new life, Jilsta.

    You will find lots of advice here, post all your problems, even the ones you might think are slightly silly, you will get a wealth of advice back again I am sure.


    Hey there Jilsta

    Welcome to ALS … yep.. as said.. lots of friendly people with great advice (whether you want it or not :rol: )

    Where are you in the Gold Fields?

    I have property in Clunes (no house yet), and several members in here also live nearby.

    Enjoy the ride.. and good luck with your new life :metal:


    Hey Jill,

    Welcome to the land :tup:

    Suggestion for the first step?

    Get rid of the weeds 😉 (It’s an amazing way to get to know your new land, looking for weeds – they always tell a story … :hug: )


    Another idea, Jilsta, is perhaps to do a permaculture course.. if time and funds permit …

    Observe the land, design what you want where, and let IT work for YOU, instead of the other way around. :tup:


    I am moving to Clunes about 5 ks north towards Talbot so not far from you Andre


    I will be looking into the permaculture course as well, hopefully something i can work around my work which i plan to reduce to part time when I move. Any suggestions of courses would be appreciated


    Exciting times for you Jilsta.

    Welcome. :hug:

    We’re looking at doing a similar thing… moving on to our little patch of paradise in the South West… our offer has been accepted… now just have to sell our house here.

    Good luck on your journey… I’m sure you’ll have a great time and be wonderfully fulfilled.

    There’s some nice people on the site from around your neck of the woods.


    Thanks Erthgirl- good luck with the sale of your house both our house and our block of land sold within a week of being on the market. Apparently it is a sellers market atm at least here in Victoria. Has been the longest 3 months of my life waiting for settlement of our new house but only 2 weeks to go. Can’t wait. So ready for the change


    Hi and welcome Jilsta

    Exciting times ahead for sure. I am so jealous I would love to have a wood burning stove. ATM we have a lpg stove that I only use the hotplates, because I can’t stand the grossness of the oven. I can’t wait for my new kitchen. We decided to not put in a wood burning stove, but to have it an outside kitchen so that we could use it when its warmer. When you get the hang of it you can give me lessons on how to use them.

    We live not too far away from your new place. We have been here since middle of April and are working hard to get our place the way we want it. We moved from a house block at the beach to this 35 acre bush beauty. We love it so far and I’m sure you will too. We don’t have good soil here, so you may find the same. Ours is very stoney clay which is impossible to dig. Our new tiller just didn’t want to work it, so we have had to resort to raised beds and bringing in organic soil. Not the way we wanted to go, but you can only do so much before you pull your hair out and relent.

    What sort of things are you thinking about doing with your new property? Do you have mains power? What about your water supply?

    How far out of town are you? Are you able to get supplies easily?

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are going.



    Hi Kerri

    I am not sure of the soil quality but the previous owners have done a fair bit of planting although it looks like a lot of drought tolerant plants. There was a couple of bare vegi patches that had been raised so hoping they are still there when we move in. I am moving from a property that basically is garden. We planted many natives. It is generally cold and wet here on our current property and the trouble was being able to choose plants that would survive the frosts and sometimes snow. We are hoping to get some animals (not sure what atm) maybe Alpacas, miniture horses??? not sure. My first goal is to develop a vege garden and to learn to cook 😆 As my kids got older i worked more and stopped cooking except for the bare essentials. We will have electricity but hot water is solar with back up of the wood stove. Property is on tank water with too massive water tanks. This will be a learning curve for us as we currently have lpg gas heating, reverse cycle air conditioning, combustion fire, town water.. so pretty much the suburban life style on a country property. Our new property is about 5ks north out of town. I am hoping to do all errands in Maryborough as I am completely over Ballarat atm although i will still be travelling to Ballarat couple of days a week for work unless i can find something in Maryborough. At this stage we are just going to move to the property get settled in the area, learn a little more about our options and go from there. I do hope to eventually give up work completely and spend more time on the property

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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