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    Happy new year everyone, hope whatever your doing tonight it makes you smile :):hug: DH has a bottle of red we opened last night but didnt finish 😆 So im guessing finish it when children are asleep.:shrug:

    Hope you all have a blessed new year :hug:


    I’m not sure I’ve done a resolution before.. but hey, why not? 😆

    I’d like to be more organised in the kitchen at least. I would love to cook extra food and freeze some for those days we don’t feel like cooking. I’d like to keep on top of the dishes a bit more. The rest of the house would be a bonus, but hey, I’m not going to push it. 😉 😆

    There’s lots of bigger things – but as far as resolutions go, I’ll be happy with the small stuff. :tup:


    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone – and all the very best wishes for a happy, healthy, fulfilling and prosperous 2 0 1 0 .

    I’ve only three resolutuions, but they should cover all bases, and that is to do my best and to do more of the things I should and less of the things I shouldn’t!! :D:lol:


    Welcome to 2010… :hug:

    At the moment I’m interested in becoming carbon neutral… So I will endeavour to be so by the end of this year…

    I want to parent my 2 littlies (and my 2 big boys but they are nearly grown up… )to the best of my ability, this hasn’t been happening the last few years, but now feel “light” enough to be able to get back on track…

    I want to get back into my sewing, hand and machine…

    Plus all the usual stuff… Live healthier, less computer, less food and alcohol, more decluttering… 😉

    Good Lifer

    Okay; I’ll play! 😀

    I resolve to:

    1. Have produce stall built

    2. Get plans drawn up and approved by council for the cottage

    3. Ah, what the heck … get cottage built!

    4. Get my book published

    5. Survive another year at work (that will be a tough one)

    6. Watch a You Tube video online of Kirsty doing standup 😀

    7. Make sure I do at least one yoga session a week

    8. Finish painting the toy box I started last year, hopefully in time for my niece’s baby’s first birthday (it was meant to be for her birth!)

    9. Worry less

    10. Laugh more (refer no. 6)

    Someone is going to unearth all of this in December this year and check on us, aren’t they? 😮


    1. To start my journey to living a slow life.

    2. Get my garden cranked up.

    3. Walk the walk more, more time doing rather than imagining and planning.

    4. Be healthy, eat healthy, live healthy.

    I’m onlt putting down 4 incase someone does unearth in December.


    Good Lifer wrote:

    6. Watch a You Tube video online of Kirsty doing standup 😀


    10. Laugh more (refer no. 6)

    Someone is going to unearth all of this in December this year and check on us, aren’t they? 😮

    Love it!! And yes!!!


    My resolution is to have more beautiful nights like I had last night NYE. It had been 38degs here in Tassy and after a day like that I was hanging for the evening to come so I could sit outside on the deck in the cool breeze. I moved out there about 8pm to see the most gorgeous sunset, the full moon rise and the most exhilarating lightning storm ever around the bay. Lighting up the mountains in the distance. Eventually by 11pm the rain came and I just sat getting wet in the rain thoroughly enjoying the experience. It lasted for 10 mins, enough to cool me down and by midnight not only was the lightning still going off but then the fireworks began around the bay at all the little villages around its perimeter. All this and listening to some fine blues music..

    Happy New Year Everyone



    Sounds like heaven Deb.


    I only have 1 resolution- to not give up:awch:


    My resolution is to solve those problems that I just keep putting up with. Aim is one a week.

    Week 1. Mat that keeps moving in hallway.

    Figure by end of year I will have less to worry about. feel free to help me with my delema.


    gardenaholic, you can buy some plastic/rubber matting from the supermarket. it’s white or grey, lots of holes in it. it’s marketed as a draw liner to stop plates etc moving. should work a treat with your mat.


    eta: my resolution is to be less hard on myself and the slow movement of my to-do list. i will do what i can and have fun at the same time.


    I like making NY resolutions, even if I don’t keep them :shy:

    -I would like to get the house organised and decluttered, and find a method by which I can keep it fairly tidy and clean with minimal effort 😆 I think that may be a work in progress!

    -I’m going to make an effort to eat less, but better, food. I’m not that overweight, but I could do with getting fitter, and I hope that this will encourage M to do the same. Plus I realised yesterday we didn’t eat ONE vegetable :geek: (it was a slack day)!

    -Get the garden into shape – fill the second raised bed and plant some more trees and understorey plants. As the children are starting to get (a tiny bit) more independent, this will hopefully be really achievable.

    Although it’s not my resolution exactly, and has more to do with him than with me, I’d love it if S were using the toilet by this time next year. More of a “wouldn’t it be nice to only have one set of nappies to wash and change every day” kind of wish! 😉


    I am hoping 2010 is the year I see the end of nappies. A will be 2 soon, so might be possible (he is currently sitting on the ‘potty’ as we speak!)… the Weenee’s are not so much a problem, but we still use disposables part time, so def. want those gone. Will work on using the Weenee’s as much as possible in the mean time!

    Was going to reply here about being organised, but just blogged about it! 😀 Being organised is one of my favourite hobbies!! 😆


    Help I seem to have caught declutter disease!!!!!!!!!!:lol::lol:

    I didnt even make it a resolution (mine was to contact old friends) and here it is the 3rd and I have folded and put away all washing, done 2 huge baskets of ironing, gone through the kids cupboards and have a couple of bags of clothes for Vinnies and another couple to pass on to cousins, have cleaned out my kitchen cupboards and tossed masses of stuff I hadnt even laid eyes on for years let alone used. I need to get back to work or the whole house will be gleaming -something it definitely doesnt normally do :o:p:D

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