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    What’s yours?

    Mine is to spend less time on the computer (even here!!) and get out in the garden more!! Too knit more, to read more. To cook more. To presrve more… must get off the computer and start doing it!


    PS. Happy 2010 everyone!


    to make a difference


    to give up nicorette chewy


    Ive got more then 1 :shy:

    Get ahead in the mortgage.

    Do my study (it is in the process of being aproved as i type yay)

    Try to get a job (Pt or FT)

    Try to make my family happy

    Get the house organised and decluttered ans keep it that way!

    All the above is verry doable :tup:


    Happy New Year everyone at ALS

    I dont do the new year resolutions tried and failed too many times to stick to something I’m not really intending to do so I dont set myself up to fail I just do things I like and dont do things I dont like.

    Though I am going to get my wicking gardens up and running just wish hubby would stop worrying about the top being dry.

    Have informed him I plan to have fruit trees in the front paddock and a nice shady garden in the other half of that paddock.

    Since finding myself back in my garden I am even happy to experiment with jam making-though the first batch turned out very thick .I was on the ALS site yesterday and found I can actually re-cook it so I experimented with one bottle this morning fingers crossed.

    I am back at work today so wont be up late tonight.


    Happy New Year to all! May it be a year blessed with love & laughter, and that you have the strength and support to face the challenges…

    Here are my goals:

    * Talk less, say more

    * Be more affectionate to my husband

    * Let the little things go

    * My health

    * Be prepared

    * Community involvement

    And my big one, to be more commited to living a low impact lifestyle! :D(Thanks Anja, you got me thinking about that one!)


    My New Year resolution is NOT to make any more New Year resolutions.

    .. dang .. I just blew it already …:rol:


    My resolution is to enjoy my birthday!!! πŸ˜€ usually it’s a very dissappointing day for me, but… πŸ˜† Another is to seek out and be satisfied with the amount of stuff that I can do to generate income from home! And work less for those that don’t appreciate their employees as much as they should.

    Enjoy the moments with my children more, and my partner more, and to live my life fruitfully!

    Be kinder to the environment and work towards more sustainability (even more than I do now)

    To save up harder than I have been, to afford that acreage I have always wanted πŸ˜€ and to make a deposit by the end of two years on said acreage πŸ˜€

    Yay… it’s on paper, ok, well computer…no I have to commit to it full time! and with gusto!

    Thanks everyone πŸ˜€


    Ahhh :shrug: hmmmm:confused: Ok let see:D

    Live for myself (not sit around waiting for someone to live it with me, thats not going to happen)

    Proudly continue my journey to plain dress

    To try my hand at stand up (wanted to do this forever and this year I will!!!)

    Live a spirit led life:metal:


    Here’s mine:

    1. Dig up and plant out front ornamental rose garden (still figuring out with what)

    2. Keep back yard maintainted eg. become re-aquainted with my nemises the whipper snipper 😑

    3. Pave/do something about area just outside back stairs to use as sitting area.

    4. Think about dating in the future…this is a really scary one! :confused:

    5. Keep the house organised..oh yeah and occassionally clean the bugger proper! :shy:

    6. Learn more about preserving and hopefully preserve my excess from the garden.

    7. Give my new studies the effort they deserve and not just a half bummed attempt :geek:

    Actually this is the first time I’ve done the resolution thing since I was a kid..lookin forward to it πŸ˜€ who am I kiddin, I’m wingin it! :shrug:

    Happy 2010 everyone and hope you all have a whackin whallopin good time tonight!! :metal: :hug:


    Onya Kirsty:metal:


    well mine is to

    get healthy as much as possible to beat the liver disease which is the bane of my life

    use up my fabric stash

    use up my yarn stash

    be more creative,make what i want and not worry what others think

    after all i have 2 grandgirls who will eventully grow to wear them

    most of all stand up to dh and be my own person

    :hug::hug::hug::hug: for one and all

    may 2010 be the year you want it to be


    Haven’t made a New YearÒ€ℒs resolution for a long time. If something’s really important I reckon it’s worth doing then and there, rather than wait for an arbitrary date like 1st January. In 2010 I’m going to continue to grow old disgracefully. Have pension, am traveling and happily spending the kids’ inheritance without a twinge of guilt. Currently in Texas. That’s Texas, Queensland, not the Lone Star State in the US of A. Will cross the border into NSW tomorrow morning. Happy New Year to all and may 2010 be the best year of your life!


    In 2010 I am going to attempt to reconnect with friends I have lost touch with and am really hoping this will work. :hug::hug:

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