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New Years Hatching

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    Excited to have some light sussex eggs hatch on New Years Eve/Xmas Day. Their foster mummy is a silkie and quite protective of them.

    Of six eggs only 4 hatched. One didn’t develop to anything and the other was fully developed but died for some reason before hatching. However its beak was really scew-if (didn’t meet up properly) so doubt it would have been able to eat even if it had of hatched. One of the ones that did hatch also has a funny beak but it can eat okay.

    So they are really cute little bundles of fluff pottering about the garden.


    sorry, couldn’t attach the photo:@

    but they are cute 🙂


    Wow, has it been 3 weeks allready!!!, glad you got some to hatch:) havn’t seen the skewiff beak thingy before so cant say what might have coarsed it.

    My father in law used to say that it was hard to hatch eggs when there were thunderstorms around but i never got to ask him why:|


    that’s funny my grandfather reckons the same thing. something to do with the vibrations shaking the chicks about :confused:

    yeah i know what you mean about the time flying. i think Peace (the hen who hatched them) is glad to be up and about though. she is a great little mother and they really are quite sweet, even old wonky beak! My friend is getting 2, as long as they are hens, but I have to rear them until they are about 11 wks old. And i am hoping there is at least one other hen as want some as well. Will eat any boys though. from our track record here, we seem to get more boys than girls hatching. is that something to do with the heat??

    Anyhow thanks RTB, appreciate getting the eggs from you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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