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    I have a good 8 page document on wicking worm beds if any one wants to PM me with a email address I would be glad to send it to you


    This is my first wicking bed. The side material is from a small plastic lines swimming pool. It is covered with 30% shade cloth and I am growing my garlic in there at the moment.


    ccBear, I would be a little concerned that a very deep reservoir could become stagnant. Maybe it wouldn’t, I don’t know. But I like your idea of filling the first few 100mm then building the plastic base on top of that.

    A deeper growing medium would be necessary for bigger plants, like corn, I think. But being deeper would mean you’d have to water seedlings from the top for a while until they’ve grown their roots down deep enough.

    Anne, sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you. I only have wicking boxes, no beds, and they’re 100mm reservoir. When I do build beds, I figure anywhere between 100mm-200mm would be ok?


    ccBear – I already have the retaining walls up so am working backwards by emptying them down and then refilling. So am working opposite to yours. Am taking pics so will post on blog later today. But your explanation about the sleepers is very helpful – thanks.

    My retaining wall is 1m high so I’ll have 400mm under the plastic then will work up from there.

    The clay that I’m digging out is still soaking wet from the last rains. The last decent rain here was about 2 months ago. So it will be interesting to see how the wicking bed fares compared with the non-wicked beds in the same retaining wall.


    You are on the right track if I do not get the beds with the bottom in I will be filling as well before I start the reservoir.

    Learning Yes that is why I poster the question and as stated back a bit you could have a tape at the bottom which would empty 95% every month or so.

    Possibility that the fresh water every 10 to 14 days may revitalise the water left in the bottom. Just have to keep asking.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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