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    Merry Christmas Everyone 😛

    I am getting a puppy next week, I have waited more than 3 years to get another Labrador pup, she is Chocolate and i have called her “Sister Sister” cuz now I am a nurse that will be all I here so I thought I would put a nice thought behind it,may just be my may of looking at things but that OK.

    Anyhow what do I use to clean up accidents that may occur on the carpet?? I will be crate training her but being practical I know there will be a mishap or two before she connects all the dots.As I am stuck in a rental for 6mths before I save up for my own home I wantto be really careful of the carpet.

    Ps. Perth tempreature expected for tomorrow 39 deg…Albany maybe 23-25 deg :woohoo: :woohoo:

    I love Albany,the locals say ‘Good Morning’ to you in the street and the staff at Bunnings actually come up and ask if they can help you,not hide in the hanging carpets as I have seen them do in Perth..havn’tquite worked out the big roundabout yet and the lane I have to be into get off at my road but thats OK I get to see other parts of town.



    Sounds like a country atmosphere in Albany HT, wonderful for you, friendly and probably supportive too when you get to know folks. :tup:

    Re puppy puddles, sprinkle plain flour over the puddle and let it soak up the wetness and dry, then brush up or vac. Then a sprinkle of carb soda, let dry then brush or vac and hey presto no stain and no smell. 🙂

    For no 2 accidents, paper towel removal, then wipe over with white vinegar in water or carb soda in water, pat dry. Again no smell. 🙂

    Enjoy your canine friend, she will learn incredibly quickly I am sure, Labs are SO intelligent. We used to have golden labradors and had one white one. Then we went on to red australian terriers. Very intelligent dogs all of them and so easy to train and wonderful companions all of them. :hug:

    You must feel good with all that study completed and a job you enjoy at the end of it, well done HT. :clap:

    Have a wonderful Christmas,


    Hi Bobbee

    Thanks for that info,I knew someone from here would have a plan of action.

    Merry Christmas to you and your for tomorrow 😉

    I am spending lunch time serving meals at a local church,I have never been there before and rang to offer help after seeing an ad in the local rag,then spending the evening with friends at another friends home,said second lot of friends own a winery…Hello what great friends to have…IMHO 😛



    Hallo HT

    Just want to wish you a wonderful year in 2013 with the new town, new pup, new job and new friends. We loved Albany .


    😆 Im sure you will end up with friends who own wineries down there, they are everywhere 😆

    Glad you are settling in well.

    My dad is in Denmark and he was complaining that it was hot there yesterday, 30 degrees is hot for him 😆


    First of all…good luck with your new pup!

    As for the inevitable ‘accidents’, as someone who has always had dogs and lived in rentals :ohmy: , and after much trial and error I’ve found the only really effective product to be Urine Off….I’ve tried all the bicarb/ soda water etc etc remedies and to be honest none have worked terribly well either on smells or stains.

    They make a specific formula for dog wee, most pet shops sell it, as do carpet places…there are other similar products but I think Urine Off is the best of them…


    Hi Blue

    Thanks for that,its looking very positive so far 😛 ex-FNM is comming down tomorrow to bring a trailer load of my fruit trees and pot plants and my new PUPPY, Sister is comming in from NSW tonight, I am excited. I want to enrole in Summer school for January and do a bush-wood furniture week long course,should meet more new best friends there as well 🙂


    Hi Lost

    I think I will give everything a go, I have had lots of dogs before but always outside in kennels or farm dogs,or only on tiles,I have never had a puppy and carpet :sick: .



    Hi Fruit

    Yes, 30 deg would be really hot, I don’t think it was that bad in Albany. I remember living in North Taz,we went to Burnie too shop one day,it was 31 deg that day, the tempreature was reported in a huge front page article in the paper. The locals were nearly dying,after 2 years of becomming aclaumitised(sp) to the weather 19 deg in Summer was very hot,you would frizzle in the sun. We moved over there because I hate the heat,its all better now cuz Albany is quite simmular. When are you comming over to visit your dad??


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