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New mobile phone – beginners help

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    Hi All,

    Have bought an Aldi Medion mobile phone, and can send texts but

    the texts with photos won’t send or download from others.

    Any suggestions, have tried some things I’ve googled but not working

    yet. Am receiving new sims next week so thought we would wait till

    then before trying to Contact Aldi etc.

    Thanks if you have any advice with this.

    Applebee (it’s our first modern mobile! )


    You’ll probably need an email account for photos? I’m not sure cos I don’t send photos via my phone.

    Otherwise, check your settings.

    Frugal GirlFrugal Girl

    Not all phones are able to receive photos by sms. I’m not sure why. So the problem may not be with your phone.


    “Have bought an Aldi Medion mobile phone, and can send texts but

    the texts with photos won’t send or download from others.”

    1. I’m not sure whether your problem stems from (a) your unfamiliarity with your (first) mobile smartphone, or from (b) some more technical issue/problem. If (a), try going to your main/front page of the phone, click on the ‘Gallery’ icon, then click on the image of your photo (assuming the photo has been snapped/loaded into the phone memory) to bring up the photo, then click on the ‘Share’ symbol (one dot dividing into two other dots) and that will bring up your sending options: ‘Messaging(sms)/Email/Bluetooth’; then type in your recipient’s phone number/email address and your accompanying message, then click ‘Send’.

    (To find/access downloaded photos, again, look in the ‘Gallery’.)

    If these directions are not meaningful to you, try the Aldi helpline, or (better still) a friend/neighbour/colleague who is familiar with the use of a smartphone, and who can give you hands-on guidance to become more familiar with the device.

    2. If it is a more technical issue/problem with the phone, the Aldi helpline, or a (savy) friend/neighbour/colleague, would be needed

    3. For a general discussion forum on the Aldi Medion smartphone, to give you more info on the capabilities and merits of the device, go to:

    Hope this is of some help. Regards,



    Thanks for all the replies. I did ring the provider and all should be fixed

    when the new sim card arrives. The new provider said the contract from the old provider didn’t allow for mms messages, photos. Hopefully, fixed next week when

    the cards arrive.

    Also wondering what I can use instead of thick fingers for texting – tried a cotton

    bud but it didn’t work.



    Get a ‘stylus’:

    The Reject Shop sells a pack of 2 styli(?) for (only) $2.


    Thanks Outabox, got a Reject shop nearby and will check it out.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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