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    Looking great Vanessa. You’ve been busy! Everything looks so lush and green 🙂


    Thanks Bel, but “lush and green” = “weeds”

    Even the silverbeet is starting to take on the weed identity at the moment. When it first started self seeding I would almost get emotional if I accidentally pulled a little seedling up by mistake when weeding, now I go out with a spade and hack out whole plants, cutting them off at ground level, because they are growing too close to something else, and smothering it, like my lemonade tree LOL.

    But it does feel like I have finally got my gardening mojo (as Kristy put it) together.

    I have seeds potted for spring (hopefully they will grow), and I even have a couple of punnets of tomatoes I picked up today, hoping to get an early start.


    looks like things are humming along nicely for you Vanessa, isn’t this time of year great, there are just so many things that we can get going in the garden, almost too many seeds waiting to be put into pots and then the fun job of trying to find enough room in the garden for them.


    Vanessa it is fantastic to see all the photos of your garden on your blog. Things are looking really good!


    Thanks I have been a bit slack with the words the last couple of posts but “a picture speeks a thousand words”


    I have changed my blog to WordPress now, and am trying to make it a bit more regular for posts.

    Lately things have burst to life with the rains we have had, and all the weeds have just gone mad.

    Most things survived fairly well with the heat waves we had, but there was a lot of watering done to try to keep them alive.

    Take a look and let me know what you think.


    looks good, and the garden is looking fabulous


    Well I haven’t had much luck with keeping my blog up to date, and I tried the easy option of starting up a fb page ( but I’m slowly starting to spend less time on fb these days, although it is easy to upload photos quickly.

    Looking back at some of the photos I posted here I hardly recognised it as my garden, we now have raised garden beds, (even if they are treated pine sleepers) which allows the beds to get weedy and overgrown, but at least they can be mowed around, and keep my other half happy that things are “neat and tidy”. 
    The orchard area is actually starting to look like an orchard, although the trees are slow to grow, there is quite a few of them there now. We have also fenced this area off, so it means that my fruit trees and veggie gardens are safe from the dog.
    Those few plants of rainbow chard which I planted just after we moved in has almost taken over the place, only I wish that it was the “rainbow” variety rather than the plain white variety, but the chooks still love it, if only they would start laying eggs again.
    The isa browns have all passed on but we now have 5 australorp/australorp crosses, which free range in the garden (orchard and veggie garden) most days, this has meant that we have had to “fence” off areas we don’t want them getting into, rather than putting up more fences I have decided to use bird netting to cover individual garden beds this has meant that I can leave unused beds uncovered and the chooks can get into them and eat bugs and weeds. I’ll try to update with some more photos soon.
    Also looking back to the first post I made here (before we actually moved) all those things on the list have been ticked off, apart from keeping all the citrus trees alive, I have had two goes at planting an orange, and lost a mandarin tree. I think the main thing is the clay soils we have here and the alkaline soils. oh and the chicken run, they sort of have free run of the orchard and veggie area and are locked away in an aviary at night to keep them safe from the foxy loxy’s we have around here, I have been contemplating a run for them, but I like to have them free ranging, even if they do peck at all my “free-ranging” silverbeet/chard.

    Don’t remember if I had seen this thread before, but just had a look through now, lovely pics, and good work getting that list ticked off 🙂


    Would love to see pics of now Vanessa. :-h

Viewing 11 posts - 46 through 56 (of 56 total)
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