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    Ok in mid Feb we will be making the 300km move back to the Adelaide suburbs.

    After living up here for almost 3 years and trying to establish an orchard, veggie gardens, chooks, compost bins and a worm farm, and trying to maintain a 1/2 acre block I have learnt many things, and although I want to do the same things at the new house (and probably more), I think I will go about it a bit differently.

    Now my general plans for the new place, considering that the only form of gardens are landscaped, formal type, mostly using standard roses and a few feature trees (I am yet to find out what they are, I thought they were jacarandas but I am told they are not, they grow in a standard shape (ball on a stick) but I am told that is how they naturally grow :shrug: ) and strappy plants such as dieties and agapanthus :

    – Fruit trees (Apple, Apricot, Nectarine, satsuma plum, peach)

    – Citrus trees (Orange, Lemon, Lemonade, lime?)

    – Veggie garden

    – Chook run

    – Rain water tanks

    – worm farm, (atleast for dog poo, possible a second for non chook scraps?)

    – Garden shed, near “my” garden, for things like garden tools, pots, potting mix, blood and bone etc, and probably chook food


    Sounds like a busy time is ahead.. enjoy your move Col


    Awesome, good luck!


    Ok well it has been almost four months now since we moved back to Adelaide into our new house.

    We are now on 2 acres just north of Adelaide (about 5km outside what is classed as “metro” ) in an area which is dominated by market gardens. Our block is 2 acres but about 3/4 of an acre is the “back paddock” which if it was flat I would look at seeding it and making hay or straw for sale (we have a lot of people with horses nearby too) but the previous owners have put a lot of effort into turning it into a motorcross track and so with full time work taking up the majority of my time and a mortgage taking up most of my money it will stay there as it is for the time being.

    I am a bit behind the eight ball in terms of having planted things I wanted to, I forgot just how cold and wet it gets down here through winter (Winters were a lot more milder up near Port Augusta). I did get some rainbow chard planted while the weather was still warmish, they were up in just over a week and are looking quite healthy, but the second lot I planted are only just germinating after a month or two after being planted.

    From my list above I have made a bit of progress.

    I have bought 3 citrus trees (lemon, orange and lemonade) which need to be put into the ground, and I am waiting to buy some bare rooted fruit trees once they come into the nurseries I was thinking of the following to start with

    – Apple (granny smith, great to cook with and not too bad to eat fresh if they are left to ripen on the tree)

    – Apricot (moorepark – I think ripens around christmas and of the couple I got off of the one I put in at the previous house tasted very similar to the big old tree my nana used to have)

    – Peach

    I have some nectarine seeds from my DPs parents which was grown from seed from his grandparents I think which I would like to get at least one growing

    Still have to work out where these are going to go though

    The veggie garden is still on the list, but need to find the effort to get on the end of a fork and loosen the soil and rid it of the weeds.

    Chook run too is still on the list, we only have three chooks now and they are in the tractor and get moved every day or two and are loving the super speedily growing weeds.

    Rain water tanks, again still on the list

    Worm farm, set up, not for dog poo but for non chicken scraps, although there is still too much food for them and I am thinking about buying another tub from the fishing tackle store to boost up their numbers. I am experimenting with freezing their food before feeding it to them, hopeing to kick start the decomposition process for them.

    Garden shed, check!!!! Its fantastic, almost 5m x 3m (biggest we could go without council approval) I’m finding things are getting used and put away more often because it is close and handy.

    Will post some pics once I get organised


    Ok here are a couple of photos that I took not too long after we moved in. They were taken back at the start of April so before too many weeds started growing.

    This is taken from where the shed now is and shows the back of our house yard


    Same spot only a bit closer, to the left of these bins I planted 4 rainbow chard seeds which are now going quite well, to the right I planted 8 of the same but these have taken a lot longer to come up, due to the colder weather


    Good sized area…


    And this is in the other direction, the chooks in their tractor, a few standard roses, which have some lovely flowers when they are in bloom, I think they are starting to bud up now so shouldn’t be too long and I will get some pics.

    In front of the roses is where I want to put some veggie patches


    Wow, what a fabulous size for a backyard, a blank canvas how fantastic, enjoy it Vanessa. :tup: will be great to follow your progress.

    Glad you posted pics here, the link you had up wouldnt work, my pc told me the site had threats and not to enter 😮


    Yeah I was trying to be technologically sophisticated and use picasa but everything I tried wouldnt work, so back to the good old tried and true method.

    If the sun comes out I’ll try to get some more recent photos, like I said the ones above were taken at the start of April, now it is looking very much more greener than that, I dont think the chooks are touching their pellets with all the weeds that are growing


    Thanks for sharing your garden Vanessa. Wow – what you can do with all that space!! Looking forward to seeing some updates as you get to work on it.


    Here’s my garden shed


    Here’s what the rose garden looks like now


    How much greener it has got down the back


    Rainbow chard planted at the end of March

    On the other side of these bins is another planting but they are only just starting to emerge after being planted on the 15th of April, less than a month after the other ones but much slower, didnt take much notice of moon phases but it could have been that the cooler weather had started to come in

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