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    In the wake of our beloved leader’s decision to ditch the Climate Commission because he does not believe in Climate Change, a community petition was established seeking community support for its continuance. As a result of the rapid community response to the petition, a new community-funded not for profit foundation has been formed. Thank you Tim Flannery and team for being willing to take this great personal risk!! :hug:


    Unfortunately the business as usual, exponential growth on a finite planet, fantasy society isn’t swung by facts.

    They need cheap wages, cheap resources,cheap polluting, no green tape and shopping addictions to keep their greedy deluded dreams alive.


    Bad things happen when people resign themselves to them happening. The community can and will change things – we need to ensure we can respond factually to the lies and disinformation from the major polluters.


    well the australian public has done us proud – over quarter of a million raised so far since midnight – not bad going!! Hopefully Adolph will get the message that not all of us support his ostrich approach to climate change.


    It was the best news in ages and we were more than happy to contribute a modest amount. Power to the people!


    Almost $400,000 raised in the first 24 hours – well done Australia!


    Sorry if I tread on toes but….”a fool and his money is easily parted”


    Can you back us up with the facts that prove your point?


    So ballamara does this mean you are not concerned about climate change? what facts would you like? go to the (former) climate commissions website for copies of their reports if you want to come up to speed.

    Snags this link will direct you to their new web page (rudimentary at present)



    Its fantastic work and makes you proud to be Australian

    but as Ballamara proves you dont let real peer reviewed facts get in the way of their cornicopian fantasy.

    Lots of money from the fossil fuel industry funding dodgy pseudo science and misinformation is all the facts they need to form their opinions.

    and its not just Ballamara its most of the conservative side of politics and their supporters.

    They always seem to go silent when they are asked for proof though,,,,funny that


    Sorry Snags, but if you consider this:

    ballamara post=358363 wrote: Sorry if I tread on toes but….”a fool and his money is easily parted”

    …to be ‘proof’ you are easily persuaded. As you say, peer-reviewed information from proper research has to underpin any decision making on this topic. But it does have the vast majority of competent scientists concerned.

    The present government appears to be the party most willing to accept delusional pseudoscience to support their engagement with the fossil fuel industry (not entirely coincidental given the source of their campaign backing).


    Thank you Tony Abbott 🙂 . This sort of cost cutting makes me very happy 😛 . I have no problem about Flannery doing whatever he wants to do just so long as I am not contributing to it. 😉

    Just what did he do in a part-time position for $180K a year that has changed the world apart from telling us it was never going to rain again :sick:


    So far Tony has tried to stop people talking about the boats

    and stop people talking about Climate Change

    and stop people talking about science

    Whats he trying to hide?

    Interesting article about David Suzuki

    Suzuki said he didn’t regret comments made to the University of NSW on Saturday which accused the prime minister, Tony Abbott, of “criminal negligence” over his policies, which include the dismantling of the carbon price and scrapping various climate change agencies associated with it.

    “I don’t think I went too far – what we are seeing is a crime against future generations,” he said.

    “There ought to be a legal position on intergenerational crime. If you stand out for a role of leadership and ignore the science on climate change, I think that’s wilful blindness.”


    Not to mention getting rid of the Council for the Aging, deciding ‘dole bludgers’ should work for the dole (thus creating new dolebludgers due to the jobs that are no longer required). And banning the use of factual information by lobby groups (except of course the ones he has been funded by) while permitting certain industries and politicians and government officials to freely tell as many porkies as they want.

    Now, being – amongst other things – an historian, what I am seeing here is a rapid erosion of civil liberties – with support from certain sectors – which is currently targetting everyone’s favourite demonised groups. Render them mute and they will cease to exist, or become more demonised by ignorance and fear. Similar tactics were employed in Germany in the early to mid-1930s. See where I am going here?


    I’m with you. Happy though if people want to pay someone to rewrite info they can get free any day on the Internet.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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