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New Calf Born today

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    :clap: :clap: I am so excited. Our dairy cow had a calf this morning. He is just gorgeous and so so quiet, which I expected as his mum “Misty” is the sweetest and most well mannered girl. She is three years old, 3/4 jersy 1/4 angus and the Bull was a pure bred Dexter. It is her first calf and she is just besotted with him. Funny, she is black (took the Angus colouring and the Jersey shape) and the dad is black and he turns up a rich brown colour. I will had to add a photo, when I get one. Couldn’t believe it was the only day I did not have a camera around.


    ARGH!! Hit Thank you instead of reply AGAIN!!!!!!

    Congratulations Mauzi!! I have serious envy over this one! Can’t wait to see the pics 🙂




    cows are so cute.

    cant wait to see the pics


    Hi again,

    Here he is. He is such a good natured little fellow. Should be an interesting combination with the Jersey and the Dexter plus a little Angus.

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    Beautiful! Congratulations mauzi. :tup:


    Awwwww He’s soo cute, no wonder she’s besotted. Well done to the young Mumma too… She’s done a fabulous job bringing him into the world. 🙂

    Congrats to you, the grandparents as well. :hug:


    How lovely. Young animals are so cute.

    Dont/wont they eat the orchard trees?


    Aww, too cute!! :hug:

    Look at that udder… :jawdrop:

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    He’s just so cute.. I have a huge soft spot for calves 🙂


    *serious gushing happening here*

    How gorgggeous!!! Now I am all cow clucky again!!!



    Thanks all.

    It is a great udder, Starting Over. Good old Jersey blood, or 3/4’s at least. We will be really excited too, to have fresh milk from tomorrow – Yum – milk, cheese, yoghurt Mmmmm…

    Porgy, We keep her in that part of the orchard (which is actually the operating part of the orchard and usually cell graze her moving her every couple of days) until about now when she is moved to another area. She does not trouble the apple trees at all until the next stage. Leave her in when the apples are on the trees and that is a different story. She still doesn’t worry the trees but you would have no apples up to cow height 😀 she loves apples. There is very good grazing in there and she is supplemented with sprouts and ad lib minerals. Might be a different story if she was either lacking in minerals or not enough fodder.

    We then move her to another section for grazing. Still has apples but shortened to cow height (on purpose) and she can graze and munch apples until she has had enough. Excellent fodder top up. Plan is to cut some of these rows (in the other section, not this one) to ground level and allow the shoots to come up again as extra fodder for the sheep and cow (now cows) and add to the rows that we leave, other fodder trees, bushes and herbs as hedgerows. Hope that all made sense.






    They both look chuffed with each other! :cheer:

    It’s great to hear you’re experimenting with hedgerows too. It serves as wind protection for the trees and livestock, but also creates diversity in your system.

    I’ve read some of your website – looking good! But did I miss how many acres you’re working with? It sounds like you’ve already got an established orchard which is a great place to start implimenting new systems. 🙂


    TOO CUTE!!!


    What a perfectly happy healthy mother and son.

    Congrats to all.

    I loved my jersey so much….

    enjoy the milk and all the goodies which come from that.


    a photo of my cow Jetty here… she is now in retirement down near Brisbane

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