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New Bumboots!

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    Yes I was astounded at the $288 ones too. The last pair of uggies I bought I got at the Byron Bay markets for $50. They were tall black ones and lasted me 6 years and I’m really hard on shoes so the $200 tag on the uggies site was a shock as well. I very seldom buy anything new for myself, mostly op shop stuff or freecycle but when it comes to footwear I tend to buy new and good quality. Might cost more initially but last for years instead of weeks so they are definitely more economical in the long run. Can’t stand the cheapo man made fibre ones the ugg boot take offs sell commercialy from china. They smell bad real quick. Kids bought me some when I was ill and they only lasted me 3 months. Were washed 3 times in that time too. I used to make my own mocassins years ago. Might have to start doing so again now. You can use old sheepskin rugs or leather which I often see at the local tip shop cheap. Usually get at least two pair out of one rug, Probably more in childrens sizes. Clean and disinfect and brush and they come up like new. I always had something different to wear than the trend and everyone used to comment on how nice they were. You can decorate them too if you like. Must try to find the pattern for them again.They were sewn together with leather thongs and had a little turn down fleece trim but I reckon even shoe laces would outwear the modern glue and stick rubbish that, if sewn at all, are done with poor quality threads and bindings. I think I’m about to get even busier 😮


    The five hundred dollar ones are the ones that have left me gasping – but at least they are NZ dollars – you would want to be able to bequeath them to your grandchildren at that price!!


    I bought Blundstone (Made in Australia) at a local Field Day for $35.00 and he threw in a pair of work socks too.:tup:

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    I’ve got a pair of “scrubbers” which I love. Not sure where they’re made though. Had them several years.


    The Blundstone ones in the camping store were PVC but I don’t know whre they’re made. Much dearer than that though the did seem a decent quality.


    hubby has good old rubber gummies we bought like 8 years ago from loacl hardware they have been worn in situations i wont explain,but they still lasting good,we paid $36 then

    joesph was given a pair of bunnings kids gumboots, worn them 4 times and the top has split,unbelievable so will be looking for good old gummies for him

    but the gummies my 3 kids wore then joesph still are good as,bright yellow and still strong as


    Glad I’m not the only one who’s split their gummies. I was starting to think I was just working them too hard cause I hadn’t heard of anybody elses gumbies splitting. Whew!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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